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  1. I'm just going to assume that Raffle creation being down has nothing to do with hitting one million users.

  2. Managed to screw up textures making an objector. I don't think hl2.exe liked the idea of "Shpeel."

  3. Escrow doesn't sound like a word anymore. Not that it did in the first place, mind :U

  4. That awkward moment when the projected forecast shows the storm blob loop around your hometown in an attempt to make sure you don't get any of the fun weather.

  5. So the short time between the Smash Ballot closing and Cloud's appearance suggests to me that he was considered beforehand. Hoo boy.

    1. Ace


      Man, Square Enix is with Nintendo again and they lost the chance to add Geno or Chrono. I mean Cloud is cool, but he wasn't on any Nintendo console that I'm aware of.

  6. Disregard common sense, remove LeechBlock and allow myself access back to Tumblr.

  7. "It costs one hundred seven thousand dollars to remove this tumor... in six hours."

  8. Heard the same exact scream 21 times in the last three minutes. The culprit? The Goosebumps TV series, as being watched by my niece. gg, 1995, no re.

  9. Engie's about three years and a failed dating life away from becoming a Crazy Cat Lady. Just saying.

    1. Ace


      What about the pocket Purrer?

    2. Shiny Substitute

      Shiny Substitute

      The Pocket Purrer + That new Halloween cosmetic = Too many cats for one Engineer. :U

    3. Ace



  10. No, I'm not going to click on your highly suspicious link. Yes, I'm going to research the site and find out it's Russian. No, you can't have the unusual I'm trying to sell for free. :T

    1. marc


      Same scam bot, intresting

      happened to me twice in a day

  11. Found a 25$ PSP at a thrift shop the other day. Now to try to find my old collection of games which may or may not have been sold ages ago at a yard sale!

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