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  1. Title, I'd like to be able to inspect some auctioned items in game
  2. SUjAK

    fixed Auction Bugs Megathread

    You guys made the change backwards, now you can only bid 1% higher and you can't bid 2% or more
  3. SUjAK

    Don't allow auction outbids by a scrap

    I've had longer fights, record was 29 outbids ~40 minutes I should've made a separate suggestion on this, I meant there wouldn't be extra time for bids then
  4. Auctions take way too long right now because if someone outbids by a scrap, the time limit increases. If you'd outbid by a scrap every two minutes it would take roughly nine hours for the total to increase by a key and that's just annoying. Can we have a % minimum for outbidding? or instead of that, hide everyone's bids so that people wouldn't get affected by other bidders and just bid whatever they they want, highest wins.
  5. SUjAK

    fixed Auction Bugs Megathread

    So I made an auction https://scrap.tf/auctions/Q16SVT It doesn't show that the bidder finished bid, but he says he did https://scrap.tf/profile/1654563 The item is gone from bot inventory (scrap user storage 17) scrap shows that I still have the item, and I can make an auction with it even though it doesn't exist. I made a second auction thinking the first one didn't happen https://scrap.tf/auctions/IDL27F the second bidder couldn't finish bid because the item is traded away. I also can't withdraw it since it doesn't exist?