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  1. Ayy I like that! I think organized inboxes would be helpful but I think, whatever it looks like- the main idea is having some categories! I really like the one you made tho, I think if it ever did happen, it should be your design.
  2. Thanks man! The notification box would only show like the top/recent 3-5 notifications. You'd have to click on a category or "all notifications" to see a bigger list or get all the ones from the category you click on. Thanks for replying!
  3. Hi! This is my first time posting on the forums and I'm really sorry if this is already IN the process of happening, OR someone already suggested it before! I've had this idea for a little while now, now that I've been getting a lot of notifications and I'm going through a phase of just joining raffles a LOT! A Button on a Scrap.TF user's page to "follow" them Scrap.tf already links to their steam and other profiles! However- you could follow them on steam, but steam won't notify you if they make a raffle or an auction! Followers would get notifications for: When the user makes a raffle When the user creates an open auction Why would this "follow" button be helpful or useful for this site? I see a lot of people on Scrap.tf make a whole series of weekly, story raffles, or overall just raffles and auctions every so time or when something interesting is going on and they do this because people are hyped for the next one! They also use raffles to tell stories or ask advice, which is fine in my book! I'm not going to name users but some big 'rafflers' do weekly raffles where they give out specific items and they give chances for anyone who missed the previous one! The follow button can be efficient for those who... Missed a previous raffle and know when there's a new one, for 'rafflers' to keep a series and no one could miss a raffle, and overall, I think it would just be more helpful for others to get notified of auctions and raffles from people who are interested! And on a side note, it could be used as a kind gesture! Everyone is happy to get a follower and if you like someone, you follow them! Now here's an issue I thought of... Flooded Notifications. BUT- I have a solution I think would be helpful! Organized Notification Boxes I have had this idea for a little bit and this idea isn't ONLY for the "follow button" idea, but I think it could be useful FOR it too. I will go into a lot of details to make it as most descriptive and helpful as I can. Now, I join a TON of raffles. I also like to talk to people and help them. I also join some auctions here and there, and whatnot. But, the way the notifications box is now, everything is put together in one box. There's no organization in it. (sorry for the blue lines, I did my best to censor names!) You can see: My notifications for auctions are there, my notifications from replies are there, and so are the ones from raffles. I think the notification box should have categories and have separators so it isn't just all together. I made a really bad example in FireAlpaca for help. Keep in mind THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE. This doesn't have to be how it officially looks. THE MAIN POINT IS: have separation and organization! I like to keep stuff neat and tidy and I think organized / categorized notifications can be helpful esp. for getting to important stuff! Why I think this will help the users on this site It will be a nice thing to see, especially for those who prefer to have notifications organized If someone gets many comments or spam, it'll be easier to pass it. Since you won't see EVERY notification and get to the category you want (this is mostly a hypothetical scenario) if someone won an auction or raffle, but got spammed by peoples comments or replies, they could miss the notification. However, with a categorized box, they could go straight to the raffle / auction notifications easily! Especially good if you are in a bidding war with someone and make sure they didn't overbid you. I don't know how to make conclusions. But, I hope my suggestions could put give some food for thought or some ideas for the moderators! If you wanna discuss this idea, feel free to comment! I'd like to hear other's suggestions on how to make mine better. Also let me know if this is already has been suggested, I'll gladly take this down to give the respect for the mods and remove spam! Once again, I hope this gives some ideas and I'm glad to help out any way I can (and also clarify / add on to my suggestion if needed)!
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