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  1. hey i lost my items i sent u a message about it pls help me

  2. Can you check out my refunds, you are ignoring mine and im annoyed as if im discriminated. THanks.

    1. European Pascal

      European Pascal

      I responded to your refund thread.

  3. Yes. It's just bad luck. It's random who wins the raffles, someone might win 5 raffles in a row while others might only win after entering 200. Nobody is handpicked or have a higher chance than others.
  4. I was going to say Ms. Fortune... But, then I remembered Cerebella... You know? The girls with the big arms who can deal 20% of your health with one attack?... (Not combo (and not special attack either)) Yea. I'll pick her. (Grabbers are the best ones in fighting games)
  5. None of them. Call of Duty is some of the worst games in my opinion. They're all the same, they release a new game every year and it's always. The. Same... It's like the EA Sport games. Tweak the engine a little, add a few new guns, add new unoriginal maps and BOOM new game.
  6. I would probably upgrade my PC as well, however. I would also have a giant collection of consoles and games... I like old consoles.
  7. What would you buy?... Oh man oh man oh man. If you won the lottery... Let's say.. $3,000,000. What would you buy? The first thing I would buy would probably be a Excalibur Phaeton: And then maybe move into an apartment with a garage and then buy a butt-lord of furniture and stuff. And then I would probably buy plane tickets for everyone, just so we could have a Scrap.tf... meeting... Talking about financing and taxes........ Yes... taxes and such...
  8. I had to choose butts. Sorry bubs.
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