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  1. Since you guys added ability to blacklist skins and war paints from bidding I WOULD LOVEEE to see ability to blacklist unusual hats (which I dont like asf. when someone is bidding them). I hope you will consider that! ,Thanks for reading Edit: also hats are mostly overpriced so pls give me option to blacklist them on my auctions , thanks!
  2. Fack Me I Replied to you wrong 😕 Anyway Its Above this One.
  3. Okey... Thanks for a Reply :3. But I dont think It would make More Sniping auctions with bad skins. Anyway we can Stop Gray Skins and Let Light blue + Ones get in. These Ones are More Realistic In prices. Anyway I hope It will be added :3 and I dont think Everyone Would fight for this badge... Its only around 1% Of Scrap.tf Users who care about their Profiles:P
  4. Finally It Got Sent... Well... Now I wish It will be accepted :3 I love badges :3
  5. Im a little bit scared writting here but... Whatever... Auctions Veteran Badge. How it would Work? I got 2 Ideas: ----> Reach 1000 Created Auctions. Or ----> Reach 1000 Won Auctions. (My Favorite Idea) My Idea how to dont Let Private Auctions Friends To Cheat it for get it faster? ----> Simple Max 5 Auctions per day. Even if you are doing only one auction at 4 Hours... you will still be able to do it like this rule does not exist... (Unless you are waking up at 4 Am for Bump Your Auction again) Comment About Anything Wrong with my idea! Please Page let me Send it 😕 Im trying third time without any progress
  6. Btw I wanted to do suggestion as well but I cant because This Page dont let me do this:/ Do I need better rank than "Newbie"? Or something? (Nevermind I Fixed it)
  7. Idk guys. I like skins. Just do 85% If And most of them will be priced correctly (Only gray Skins are Problematic so I think Gray Skins Should be Black Listed)
  8. Well... I think this will be rejected... But I have better idea.. If someone bid time adds 30 secounds for next bid. Isnt it better?
  9. I mean CfO zombie. Not normal call of duty weps reskin etc
  10. What do you guys think about this mod? I saw gameplay from b33croft but I haven't played it yet but it looks pretty nice.
  11. Thanks guys for letting me know about it. Btw this guy got probably warned or something so I think it can be reportable... that's nice thing.
  12. In This year I saw few People setting price of their auction to minimum 100 keys when The item is worth around 20-100 Times less and they allways had in topic Or description "offer me" Or something like that. I want to know if There is any rule for it ... I was looking for more auctions rules than These ones From main rules on scrap.tf but i havent found any clue about this problem. There is an example of These auctions which are used like tf2outpost Trade offers and being unbiddable Auctions: https://scrap.tf/auctions/4QWCYU Sorry for These comments but i dont knowed how to Tell This Guy auctions are not for waiting 4 offers but for Ability to bid without raising price of his item 100x Times when he see its being sold for a key on SCM. Thanks for reading and being understanding!
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