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  1. Since you guys added ability to blacklist skins and war paints from bidding I WOULD LOVEEE to see ability to blacklist unusual hats (which I dont like asf. when someone is bidding them). I hope you will consider that! ,Thanks for reading Edit: also hats are mostly overpriced so pls give me option to blacklist them on my auctions , thanks!
  2. Fack Me I Replied to you wrong 😕 Anyway Its Above this One.
  3. Okey... Thanks for a Reply :3. But I dont think It would make More Sniping auctions with bad skins. Anyway we can Stop Gray Skins and Let Light blue + Ones get in. These Ones are More Realistic In prices. Anyway I hope It will be added :3 and I dont think Everyone Would fight for this badge... Its only around 1% Of Scrap.tf Users who care about their Profiles:P
  4. Finally It Got Sent... Well... Now I wish It will be accepted :3 I love badges :3
  5. Im a little bit scared writting here but... Whatever... Auctions Veteran Badge. How it would Work? I got 2 Ideas: ----> Reach 1000 Created Auctions. Or ----> Reach 1000 Won Auctions. (My Favorite Idea) My Idea how to dont Let Private Auctions Friends To Cheat it for get it faster? ----> Simple Max 5 Auctions per day. Even if you are doing only one auction at 4 Hours... you will still be able to do it like this rule does not exist... (Unless you are waking up at 4 Am for Bump Your Auction again) Comment About Anything Wrong with my idea! Please Page let me Send it 😕 Im trying third time without any progress
  6. Btw I wanted to do suggestion as well but I cant because This Page dont let me do this:/ Do I need better rank than "Newbie"? Or something? (Nevermind I Fixed it)
  7. Idk guys. I like skins. Just do 85% If And most of them will be priced correctly (Only gray Skins are Problematic so I think Gray Skins Should be Black Listed)
  8. It is for like a year. Its glitch and you was able to do the same on PC (I think its still possible) If you open Bids and next click On auctioned item... yea its stupid but The good thing is it wont work as ur item:P
  9. Well... I think this will be rejected... But I have better idea.. If someone bid time adds 30 secounds for next bid. Isnt it better?
  10. I mean CfO zombie. Not normal call of duty weps reskin etc
  11. What do you guys think about this mod? I saw gameplay from b33croft but I haven't played it yet but it looks pretty nice.
  12. Thanks guys for letting me know about it. Btw this guy got probably warned or something so I think it can be reportable... that's nice thing.
  13. In This year I saw few People setting price of their auction to minimum 100 keys when The item is worth around 20-100 Times less and they allways had in topic Or description "offer me" Or something like that. I want to know if There is any rule for it ... I was looking for more auctions rules than These ones From main rules on scrap.tf but i havent found any clue about this problem. There is an example of These auctions which are used like tf2outpost Trade offers and being unbiddable Auctions: https://scrap.tf/auctions/4QWCYU Sorry for These comments but i dont knowed how to Tell This Guy auctions are not for waiting 4 offers but for Ability to bid without raising price of his item 100x Times when he see its being sold for a key on SCM. Thanks for reading and being understanding!
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