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  1. Sadly you can't too much beyond reporting them. Valve has this weird policy about trading, so that when you accept a trade, they always say it's your fault you got scammed. They will most likely ban the guy and move on. You gotta be always weary of scammers. They usually give you links to their sites, ask to check if a stat of the item is "in order" or it's no duped then ask you to trade it to someone. If the price is too good to be true, always get suspicious. Real traders shark very hard and will offer you half or 3/4 of item's worth since trading bots are a thing. That's why sca
  2. Oh hey! Rockman X Dive will enter CBT stage in 3 days. Somehow I got in!

  3. How is Valve going to fix unusual prices? 

  4. Well, it's like the image says: 2 weapons make a scrap 3 scraps (or 6 weapons) make a reclaimed 3 reclaimed (or 9 scraps or 18 weapons) make a refined Since the amount of refined is growing faster than keys (because keys need to be bought from Valve, therefore people try to get them cheap from other players that want to "cash out", so the number of keys on the market stays the same) the amount of refined needed to trade (you can't craft keys) for a key is ever growing. Bonus tips: Right now keys are being sold for ~53.55 refined (That's 482 scraps or 964 weapo
  5. Drop rates are the same. The only difference is that premium users can drop "rare and cosmetic" items i.e. f2ps will only drop weapons while p2ps can get hats mixed in there. source: http://www.teamfortress.com/freetoplay/faq.php
  6. Found Poker Nights at Inventory key on an outside site. Bought it, used it and got all the items for TF2. Demopan set it finally done!

  7. I was goofing around with thermal thruster on payload and accidentally made a vital stategic move by taking out a near-uber medic by landing on his face. Didn't realise what was going on and why my teammates thanked me on voicechat since I died right after that. When it finally dawned on me, it was the one of the best moments of my life (which tells a lot).
  8. Two words: Fashionable Megalomaniac (also goes well with Smock Surgeon.I really like it and recommend it as a set). Proof:
  9. It feels like a small simulation of the market before all bots came around. It's great! And also congrats on getting a nice profit out of this.
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