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  1. Now I'm going to have to argue the contrary. But first I'm going to agree with you when I joined there were a few individuals that were basically dickheads(not an understatement) but they have left now. The only "controversial one left" is the one who will not be named. But the point I'm trying to make isn't about the banned. I didn't even exist when the whole thing happened on scrap, but I am here now lol. But the point I'm making that it's wrong to accuse these people and basically mindlessly antagonize them for just being there. That screenshot from the server was probably two years old and
  2. I'm going to have to disagree here. I will say that when I was an active raffler I was invited to [the one who must not be named]'s server and the scrap event discord. I left the scrap event discord a few months after I was in it because I did not get along with the owner at the time but I still am in the other server. Hopefully being in that discord server doesn't get me banned because I love being part of the scrap community and made some great friends on it. But, on the server I will agree to say that "homophobic" and "racist" discussions tend to pop up on our two "political channels", I ha
  3. Yeah I would understand why you would try to find those who used /vg/ to leak raffles, but did it really have to go straight to a perma ban? Like idk a lot of people must be dedicated or be involved within the community to do what with they were doing and being instantly perma banned seems a little harsh. They should've have gotten a community ban for a couple of weeks or something a little less strict than a perma ban because now they have vendettas against the site for being biased, well I would presume I haven't talked to anyone who did get banned by that raffle
  4. Also I want to ask if those who mentioned footrest could get unbanned. I know a lot of people that got banned got just referencing on outside sources because they were scared of already getting banned for mentioning it. Since you already revealed it, I think it would make sense for those who got banned for mentioning footrest to just learn more. It's up to the staff anyways but I would recommended it.
  5. I hope everything goes back to normal after these allegations blow away, but I do have to ask about the legitimacy of the claims about Pony+. I have seen some screenshots, none saved for obvious reasons, about it being the "tramp stamp" of scrap. I understand Luki's view of the story but I do want to know your personal opinion about it because even though I trust the site to be just a wacky fun site for tf2, but having private chatrooms and being a site with mostly minors does seem a little bit alarming to my mind. I don't know if the screenshots were legit but the person seems scared about ta
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