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  1. yes go to tf2 fog bans and type MARIO STRIKERS in the search
  2. its was like this i got banned from the admin [JOKER] [server:trade plaza 2] he thought i was aimboting but i wasnt there is a glitsch in the up-right corner of the outside map in the plaza 2 map you can HEAR the step of an INVISIBLE spy first i thought it was normal but then I saw it was a glitsch I tryint to explain this ti the admin but he banned me imedantly ' PLEASE help me. P.S this is a 100% true story i swear to anithing that exist

    unfair ban

    I read ALL the rules i was banned from tf2 trade servers at 31/8/2018 i was for a hour not active so I thought it was bacause of not beeing active and that whould ban me for max. 24h BUT after that I whanted to get in but I still was banned and I mean : ok I was for a hour not beeing active but what about the other players that they are not active for more thenhours why they dont get banned? and I have nothind done wronge not cheating,nothacking not scaming,not rasist and e.t.c
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