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  1. heh, found out my profile was reported as a bug 5 years ago by Captain Duckhead. Funny :P

  2. Looks like my expectations for how well scrapTF Secret Santa would go were met, unfortunately.

    1. Silva Stars

      Silva Stars

      True, Traded in a KS Wrench and got a Reclaimed scrap. A real disappointment and the dude is calling me a fag.

    2. Yentoshi 円

      Yentoshi 円

      Items stuck in storage... refunds not making it on time for gift distribution :/ Aside from the occasional Grinch.

  3. We reached 88 posts! Thanks to all those who helped :3

    1. PhantomProgrammer


      Whoo! But wait... What day did we travel to? O_o

  4. There are currently 61 posts on this topic. Snowfred has posted 1 time (1.64% of posts) Shiny Substitute has posted 1 time (1.64% of posts) Sir Festivinni has posted 2 times (3.28% of posts) Baloo has posted 3 times (4.92% of posts) MR. Matthews has posted 4 times (6.56% of posts) Devoid Chaos has posted 4 times (6.56% of posts) Hearts Desire™ has posted 4 times (6.56% of posts) Loganog has posted 5 times (8.20% of posts) SantaKlunk has posted 6 times (9.84% of posts) Ineffectual has posted 6 times (9.84% of posts) Anders | ScrapTF has posted 6 times (9.84% of posts) PhantomProgrammer has posted 7 times (11.48% of posts) Lukiday has posted 12 times (19.67% of posts) This post has not been taken into account in these statistics.
  5. How long?!

    1. PhantomProgrammer


      Has this been goin' on?

    2. Baloo


      What year is it?

    3. PhantomProgrammer


      I dunno, I haven't been keeping track...

  6. I made an acronym:





    1. PhantomProgrammer


      That's amazing! Now I know what it really stands for!

    2. 3xlneet


      Wow, never owuld have thought of that

  7. Baloo

    Trove things

    Wait...what was that part in the middle?
  8. Wow, this is the 11th comment in 20 hours, that means on average we're getting 1 comment every ~2 hours! At this rate we'll reach 88 comments in 176 hours or 7 days and 8 hours.
  9. Cumon step it up!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo_gJwXxshQ (turn volume way down or off before watching)
  10. When this thread hits 88 comments... we're gonna see some crazy stuff.
  11. Nah the unusual market is way too niche to be automated effectively.
  12. Congrats on 3000 posts neet-o

  13. Outpost Steam group still has more members than scrapTF's group, Geel :^)

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