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  1. Democracy is non negotiable :^)
  2. Abusing the "about me" section :^)
  3. I don't remember crates ever being raffle-able, pretty sure they have never been.
  4. Reduces spam, coupons used to be raffle-able and 90% of raffles were just pixel piracy coupons.
  5. +1 or just red text saying comments are disabled.
  6. eh, just seems like it would be spammed the hell out of.
  7. Looks like a common problem, I am having this issue too. pls fix
  8. Just to confirm, are marked users banned from all community activities and the use of the bots?
  9. +1 Pretty gross and I'd like to disable them without killing all noise on my browser. Just a mute tick box in the notification option would be great
  10. desu vult

    jiro is op

    doesn't commit sudoku is you fail heist 0/10
  11. He's obviously referring to a tower or laptop. Taking every word by its literal meaning just makes you look like an ass, don't do it. As for finding one maybe ask over at the backpack.tf forums, I believe they have a thread for things like this or will be happy to help out if you create one.
  12. entered 8,153 raffles in total and won 105 items from 84 raffles.
  13. So I entered scrap.tf this morning and went to https://scrap.tf/raffles and saw the red banner: What I first noticed is that this did not appear on the main page of scrap.tf as a notifcation, which I think It ussualy does. Upon clicking the notification it would just redirect me back to https://scrap.tf/raffles and not show me which raffles I have won. I checked https://scrap.tf/raffles/won and the most recent raffle I have won was 9 days ago and I have withdrawn my items from that. I attempted a relog but It wouldn't allow it so I deleted my cookies and logged in again, the notification is still there. I'm not concerned that I've won an item and haven't been given it but the notification seems to be false and slightly annoying, any advice, solutions etc? I can probably give more information if needed but I'm not sure what is required in this case. Thanks. EDIT: Jim has kindly informed that this is common or what ever. Please close unless there's anything else to say.
  14. If that's what you think then I would suggest you press forward with the idea, my opinion isn't any power around here. I was mostly commenting on Moonie's behaviour that they are being very blunt and not offering any constructive criticism to those honestly trying to improve the site.
  15. Why do mods rarely give a reason to why an idea is not going to happen? Frankly just being blunt and saying "No" without any real reason is rude, sure neither do I think this is something worth implementing but It wouldn't take long to say a reason why and would make the suggester feel a little better about their idea being batted aside without a given reason. You should know better and is hardly a way to make users feel welcome
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