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  1. Democracy is non negotiable :^)
  2. Abusing the "about me" section :^)
  3. 哈哈

    jiro is op

    doesn't commit sudoku is you fail heist 0/10
  4. He's obviously referring to a tower or laptop. Taking every word by its literal meaning just makes you look like an ass, don't do it. As for finding one maybe ask over at the backpack.tf forums, I believe they have a thread for things like this or will be happy to help out if you create one.
  5. entered 8,153 raffles in total and won 105 items from 84 raffles.
  6. main site d0wn?

  7. show yourself kablam 

  8. The new user icon is really ugly 

  9. plz, what ez this

    1. Jesse


      It's called IP.Board version 4

    2. juke
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