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  1. Democracy is non negotiable :^)
  2. Abusing the "about me" section :^)
  3. Looks like a common problem, I am having this issue too. pls fix
  4. Just to confirm, are marked users banned from all community activities and the use of the bots?
  5. 哈哈

    jiro is op

    doesn't commit sudoku is you fail heist 0/10
  6. He's obviously referring to a tower or laptop. Taking every word by its literal meaning just makes you look like an ass, don't do it. As for finding one maybe ask over at the backpack.tf forums, I believe they have a thread for things like this or will be happy to help out if you create one.
  7. entered 8,153 raffles in total and won 105 items from 84 raffles.
  8. So I entered scrap.tf this morning and went to https://scrap.tf/raffles and saw the red banner: What I first noticed is that this did not appear on the main page of scrap.tf as a notifcation, which I think It ussualy does. Upon clicking the notification it would just redirect me back to https://scrap.tf/raffles and not show me which raffles I have won. I checked https://scrap.tf/raffles/won and the most recent raffle I have won was 9 days ago and I have withdrawn my items from that. I attempted a relog but It wouldn't allow it so I deleted my cookies and logged in again, the notification is s
  9. main site d0wn?

  10. show yourself kablam 

  11. The new user icon is really ugly 

  12. plz, what ez this

    1. Jesse


      It's called IP.Board version 4

    2. juke
  13. 1. Skyrim, no dispute. 2. Dunno, Anal Angel beats was pretty damn good but I enjoyed Oreimo a lot and some others. 3. Nothing special, sit down and do stupid stuff like this. and write in Georgia font because i makes me look like a prick 4. Idk, watching some random shit probs 5. Currently, Hell above 6. Pretty much never go to them, Pizza hut i suppose 7. dogs 8. 4, 11 and 27 9. purple-blue 10. Anywhere
  14. Ah yes, I understand you now. Since killstreaks can't really have a set price they are not priced on backpack and other trading sites, this means it displayed as the default weapon price (without killstreaks). However this is well known so people won't offer you 1 scrap or whatever. They seem to go for a bit under 1 key on the SCM so maybe somewhere of about 11-14 refined. Personally I'd buy it at around 10 ref if I had the metal. Then again it would depend on the sheen and if anyone is willing to buy it. Make your own choice and good luck selling!
  15. Not entirely sure what you are saying but if you are selling any killstreak to a weapons bot it will not count the price of the killstreak. E.g a specialized killstreak will still be worth half a scrap to the weapons bot.
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