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  1. I personally agree with this suggestion for many reasons It can make collaboration raffles more exact without the problems of mis-scheduling It can be useful in general when scheduling raffles (Quality of Life) It removes the argument of "Just convert yourself" I hope this gets added
  2. Ah, I see. If I had known about the fact that blue and grey came from an old thing about rule readers I wouldn't make this. Since I know about this now, my suggestion isn't needed anymore, if any mod could place this under rejected please?
  3. Simple suggestion, helps to make the line more consistent to your background and less annoying to look at if you have a way different color that makes the blue line stand out
  4. As of now, there are 2 Name Colors which are #818C94 (Greyish color) #70A1C5 (Blueish Color) While these seem like good suggestions, there's a color I feel like is missing from the roster, Red Red is a color that I feel is underused in scrap.tf, only being used for when errors occur or when you have a notification, and for good reason too because it grabs your attention as red is commonly used for attention grabbing. Now the reason I'm saying that red should be a new name color is not about grabbing attention, the reason on why it should be a new name color is because of logo consistency. The scrap.tf logo contains 2 colors, red and blue. Blue is already in the roster, but where's red? Logo consistency is not my only reason why it should be a new name color, my other reasons include It can add more variety in name colors because as of now there are only 2 which are already mentioned It can show that scrap.tf is a website made to be filled with variety (Which yes, I know it already has stuff that are filled with variety, but nothing wrong with a new name color) to appeal to the community as the community enjoys variety And finally, my last reason (which correlates with another reason someway) is that it resembles the RED team from tf2 as well and since scrap.tf is a tf2 based website (I know it's not only about tf2), it would make sense to have a red color TL;DR: Add red as a name color because there is red in the scrap.tf logo, it's based on the RED team in tf2, it adds variety in both the website and name colors
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