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  1. Hi my name is smile and I'm a scrap.tf addict. hence:
  2. It's fixed on the dev site, which should be released soon on the normal site.
  3. Not because they're outdated, but because we don't follow some economy manipulative site that uses tf2outpost to set their prices.
  4. I'm trying out GIMP, so give me some pictures to sirify. <-- Example
  5. Wrong place to ask this, but if your raffle ended early, then most likely one of the staff ended it.
  6. $2.50 for keys isn't a firm price, check the steam market, it's actually cheaper. The economy is also kind of dependent on that I guess.
  7. No seriously though, how do you say it?
  8. My original idea, but thought it would be a bit creepy.
  9. tile pile

    Geel pls

    Geel is sontaran
  10. hi i'm from the future and it is november
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