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  1. Oh, that's unfortunate... I still think it's a pressing issue, though, at least for the 1-10 ref price range for auctions.
  2. Hi, I don't think I'm the only auctioner who hates it when someone bids a stock shotgun or sniper rifle and I'm not there to reject the bid in time. Scrap and bp.tf value them at 1.44 ref for the shot gun and 1 ref for the sniper rifle, but in reality those are only the highest selling prices. On bp.tf they sell for less than half that price; 0.44 is the highest buying price currently for a stock shotgun, and 0.33 ref for a sniper rifle. I've never seen buy prices go above 1 ref. I don't need someone bidding 5 shotguns, since I won't use that many, and I'll just lose profit, since I can't easily sell them. The only way I would be able to not lose profit is if I bid those shotguns on a different auction and didn't get my bid rejected, thus continuing the vicious cycle. It seems to me at this point that stock unique weapons are just something else that people want to get rid of since they aren't worth anything to a lot of people, similar to crates, cases, and other banned items. This hasn't happened to me for a while thankfully but it's even worse if someone bids a stock wrench, since bp.tf values it at 1.22-1.33 ref and there are literally no buyers; only sellers. There are certainly hats and items that have pricing issues when it comes to auctions that people occasionally abuse in bidding, but none as severe or as consistent as unique stock weapons.
  3. I mean it's true that people could brag about how much they can give, but considering people aren't like that right now, I kind of doubt it would happen just based on groups. Plus, groups would be private (i.e. you can't see what group someone joined just by clicking on their profile, but you would know that your recipient and giver are in the same group as you), so it's not like people can be singled out and bullied. Right now if any mistreatment is happening, it would be towards people who didn't give much being accused as greedy Grinches, whether or not they are actually able to afford to give more than a craft hat or something worth a couple ref. Yeah, in the end, people will always find something to complain about... This might happen, but what makes me think that it won't happen is that people will be willing to get more personalized gifts. Since they've already deposited 5 ref or whatever, they might as well spend it on something personalized since they can't skimp out on getting something cheap. (I mean they can, but they still have to give the rest of the ref, so you might as well spend as much of it as you can if it's going to take the same amount of effort, right?) Sure, in the end, the price of your backpack remains the same, but that should be irrelevant, right? The point is to get to know someone and get them a personalized gift, while receiving a personalized gift as well, I think, without worrying about price. Agreed that people should just get over getting something cheaper than they gave, but this way there is literally no way they can complain about that. tldr the thing that would keep it from being a waste of time is communicating with other people/getting to know them. That's probably a better use of time than getting lucky and making a profit, I think. Not really... people can give more than their price group, but they can't give less than their price group. This ensures a minimum (more than the current all-around minimum of a single ref). Setting a higher minimum in general (even without implementing the price groups) might also promote more thoughtful gifts overall (since there's not much you can do with a single ref, but you have a larger variety of options with a minimum of 5 ref, so people who actually are Grinches might consider getting something more thoughtful if they have to spend that much anyway).
  4. Maybe a scrap.tf profile badge instead of an in-game badge? I'm not super familiar with the donation badges that exist but something like Tip of the Hats supports children with cancer, whereas just being generous in, say, 2019's Secret Santa would just only help your single recipient. Both are charitable causes but... one goes to a group of people who probably need it more. But yeah I do really like the idea of a sort of badge.
  5. Wait I'm sorry you mean that this system would be bad because it won't have a lot of negative reaction...? or because you think it will? Personally I would think people would like this idea because there's a less of a risk of getting something really/unexpectedly cheap (unless people like the risk of getting something really cheap/thoughtless?). At the same time, if you're particularly generous, there's still an option to give more than your group's suggested price. Maybe I should've approached this differently... instead of something to completely replace the existing form of Secret Santa, I'd just like a few groups with suggested price points in addition to the current, more unpredictable form of Secret Santa.
  6. Agreed that finding the right price steps would be difficult, and that one of the biggest problems with this idea would be overpriced items, considering the only way gauge a correct price would be to look at backpack.tf listings (what I do when I auction/bid), and even then that's just a single platform. The ideal answer would be that a bot could somehow gather all the data about each item on every major trading site, but even I know that's not realistic. And agreed, I don't think people should be able to gift more than two of the same item, in any circumstance honestly (other than currency). Not sure if this was mentioned in the other thread but this could be implemented in the current system as it is. Yeah I think the system I was thinking of was this system that already exists, like when you bid an item on an 100% IF auction and when you hover over a hat it'll tell you about how much it's worth. Not sure how accurate that is/what it's based off of (also why I don't like trading with non-currency items) but yeah something like that to determine the price of an item would be useful.
  7. I don't really see a problem with separating the participants considering you only know your receiver, and it's not like you can communicate with more than two people anyways. Isn't Secret Santa already a sort of gambling with the fee of a single ref? You're giving something and risking getting something less in return. Maybe that's the point of Secret Santa, and in my opinion people shouldn't be too bummed when that happens (because they should know and accept that risk when they join), but some people still are, apparently. Suggested price groups, even without the entrance fee, would minimize that risk, and people still have the option of giving more than their group's suggested price. Agreed, I'm sure that the scrap.tf team has already put a lot of effort into the various systems within the website, and I greatly appreciate it. I acknowledge that this idea would be extremely difficult to implement, if it's even worthwhile. That's pretty true, but as Rbn said, it's either getting as much as you give or risking getting a lot less than you gave (and, for some people, being extremely disappointed about that). In my opinion, though, there could be at least two groups that you could join, depending on which system you like better: the riskier, but potentially more rewarding one, or the more trade-ish and predictable one. i.e. there could be a group with a price suggestion and a separate group like how it is now, without a price suggestion.
  8. about 3 and 4, I just personally don't really like the idea that people should be obligated to try and find something personalized for their recipient. As long as they've gotten an item worth enough ref, they should be able to sell it to a bot from backpack.tf to get something they really want... just my opinion.
  9. To Begin: I do see Gaia's Minion's post, but rather than suggestions, I just have a new system altogether. This is based on the fact that the current Secret Santa system as it is will not resolve the fact that there will probably be wide disparities between how much people have given/received. This is what people seem to be complaining the most about. I'm not sure if scrap.tf wants to just keep this kind of "risk of being disappointed" factor as an intrinsic part of Secret Santa, but, well, if not, here goes. Part I - Different Price Groups: Basically, one of the main differences between this and a typical irl-Secret Santa (at least in my experience) is the lack of a suggested price on scrap.tf's Secret Santa. Agreed, a suggested price might be intimidating to those with cheaper backpacks and belittling(?)/incorrectly encouraging those with more expensive backpacks to give less. So, there should be different groups of price points, and people can choose which group to enter. e.g. there can be a ~5 ref group, or a ~10 ref group, etc. up to a ~key group or whatever. People in each group will try to give items that are around that price, and people in each group will only be matched to others within that group. Part II - Enforcing Prices: Still, suggesting price points doesn't do enough. Greedy grinches can still abuse the system and just give 1 ref, even if they are in a 5 or 10 ref group. How do we fix this? In order to join a group, you must first pay up (in metal) that group's price. i.e. to join the 5 ref group, you must first put 5 ref pure (or 15 reclaimed, or whatever) into a scrap.tf bot. Only then will you officially be admitted. Once you have been admitted, you have up to 5 ref to spend on a gift. This can be a taunt, hat, or whatever, as long as if it's under 5 ref. The scrap.tf bot will buy you the gift that you want (from backpack.tf? or from its own inventory? I'm not sure how plausible the logistics are, but I hope you get the idea). Okay. Say you decide to gift a hat worth 4.88 ref. What happens to the last 0.11 ref? It will still be given to the recipient regardless. So you spent 5 ref total when you initially put 5 ref into the bot. 4.88 of that ref has gone to buying the hat, and 0.11 ref remains. The recipient will get the hat worth 4.88 ref and an additional scrap. If everyone gives and receives the same amount of ref, it's pretty fair, right? To Conclude: That's the basic gist of how this would work. I think this would be able to accommodate both those with cheaper backpacks who want to participate (without receiving backlash for gifting something that they could barely afford) and those who want to/can be more generous.Thanks for sticking with me. I tried to make this as clear as possible, but maybe I've overexplained it a little bit. Please let me know if you have any questions/if there's anything I can clarify. Two side notes: Extremely Generous People: What if someone wants to be extra generous, or just gift more than their group name suggests? Well, why not? As long as they have paid their 5 ref (or however many ref/key) entrance fee, they are free to give more gifts, with an appropriate notice that giving more does not necessarily mean that they will receive as much. Items That Are Difficult To Price: Even backpack.tf's listed prices can be extremely inaccurate sometimes. There are often no prices for certain qualities of skins. I currently have no remedy to this other than: 1. Skins/War Paints that are difficult to price cannot be bought using the 5-ref or however many ref/key budget that is in the bot. i.e. if you want to give a skin/war paint, you will have to buy/give it yourself. 2. Create a separate, normal (i.e. how it is now) group that does not have any entrance fee or suggested price.
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