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  1. I suck at digital media


  2. That serves the purpose for visibility if you're using it with dark theme tho. either way If they don't add it that's fine, I just made it so it could be accepted or consider to be added.
  3. Ok done, I made it a circle and it also has a transparent background
  4. It does have a white background behind it.
  5. Ok I want to suggest this again, as it is very different from the previous one. :chill: please
  6. she be mad she be mad she be mad

  7. My new unusual looks rad as heck.


    (Chef took a screenie of it)


    1. BaraTiddes


      such a neat effect, and such a neat hat! 

    2. {BIG} Monster

      {BIG} Monster

      All i can say is 


  8. :goofball: emote because we're all stupid.
  9. Eminem had too much of Mom's Spaghetti.


    But at least he isn't chocking now.


  10. Epic gamer moment:


    when you do nothing.


  11. "When your the mayonnaise and mustard, you can't relish it"

  12. and you have no good reason for it? Like, something happened to you, and you feel terrible now? ever feel like that?
  13. :limegreenscout: emote, because I want his guapo face on this site! (if someone would optimize this emote that'll be great.)
  14. Here's an Mother 3 emote! I call it :eeriesmile:
  15. I present forth to you :pinkguy: emote! (I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet.)
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