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    Memes, Garbage, Jojo (which is also garbage), video games, cursed images, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Toucans.

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  1. How do I download more RAM?

  2. I messed up last time I suggested this, but this time I think I got this APNG thing down. 128x128, less than 50 KB (46-48 ish), and a beautiful rendition of our boi Narancia doing a dance. C'mon. You know you want it. :torturedance: This is the actual APNG file used for the emote: https://imgur.com/a/DiZDjiP The GIF below is a preview. Please note: The APNG above is much better quality than this garbage preview, as a result of me converting the good APNG to this bad example gif.
  3. If forums are so cool why isn't there a fiveums yet?

    1. Raza


      Turning Point Scrap.tf

  4. Let's hope I did this APNG thing right. Will try again if I don't. :torturedance: The quality may be...awful? I had to do it to keep the file size low. That's what happens when you put something to a 64x64 size I guess. I remade it with the proper fps therefore it moves like it should. https://imgur.com/a/atdwGpW <--- Here's what it should look like moving. I swear the above image is an APNG. The file above and the file in this are the exact same. Smaller file size version with https://imgur.com/a/R2BtNop to show movement
  5. Emperor's New Groove is the best movie. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool. 

    1. 7Floss


      i should prob watch it


  6. If you get a bigger bed for your bedroom, you have more bed room and less bedroom.

    1. Thunderdragon.24


      You know cheese with holes in it? The more cheese, the more holes. the more holes, the less cheese. Conclusion: more cheese=less cheese.

  7. :toucan: :babytoucan: C'mon. You know you want it.
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