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  1. Currently, I think the most updated version of Hrbls continuation is of July 2nd, (around MYM), but his forum post lists the most recent headsfeet mod as of September- but the download is from May. Anyone know where to find it?
  2. Did you ask him why their ui is so similar?
  3. https://stntrading.eu/ Look at it. The front page is very similar- tagline, item categories are similar- only difference is that they have CS:GO stuff on it. Just wanted to let you guys know. They're not a threat at all- their bot inventories are pitiful, but they should probably get a different UI, don't you think?
  4. 8hu

    Need Help.

    config file and cfg werent the same. fixed. mods can lock
  5. 8hu

    Need Help.

    Because my PC is super bad (the graphics card is the worst), I am required to use a graphics config. I use a combination of Chris and Comanglia, which works just fine. However, I recently found Danpixed's MaxFPS Compilation. I combined its graphics settings with the ones I use now, extracted the files that come in it (particles, effects) and imported it into my custom, and I launch the game. Game launches fine. But, when I try to join a server from quickplay, the game crashes. If you'd like, here is the current fps config I use, and screenshots of my custom folder (including all subfolders and
  6. How can I do this when I'm still waiting for my authenticator to be a week old...??  http://imgur.com/7PP8C43

  7. Hey! Yeah, you- that person who's sitting at their computer and browsing these forums. While you're at it, can you look at this too? https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/6547-removing-people-from-secret-santa/ Thanks man!

  8. As stated. Normal site is possible to vote on.
  9. Today was a good day.

  10. Painted items are hard to sell.

  11. You're banned... because I have no good reason. Really, I can't think of one.
  12. I wanna buy a killstreaker from the bots D:

    1. Foxy Gaming

      Foxy Gaming

      i want to sell one to them :(


  13. So, whenever you want to go over and buy a killstreak kit from the killstreak kit bots, it always says the bots are full. http://imgur.com/poP7m1i if the image doesn't show up When you mouse over the bots, they say the bot is full. and you when you click on them you get this: http://imgur.com/ITBOEKI if the image doesn't show up
  14. Yes, I see the same. http://imgur.com/nlGiQrW if the image doesnt show up
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