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  1. Wait, why'd it change to pending again?
  2. Oof, sorry, didn't know it was already found before. Thanks anyways!
  3. Not the place to post this discussion.
  4. Update, 6 hours later and it's still around. Looks like it could stick for a bit.
  5. I came across an odd raffle bug today. Whenever I've seen a raffle on the very bottom of the first page, going to the second one seems to duplicate the raffle as seen in this picture. (docs link) Also, whenever I join one of them the other gets joined too. I don't know if this is even fixable, I just wanted to report it in case it is. (Also, I have refreshed the page and logged out to no avail. Whenever a new raffle gets put in the spot it ALSO duplicates like that one.) Thanks! Edit: Second screenshot here to prove it's not just one. Edit AGAIN: It went away, but I'm gonna keep this up since other people have found it happening.
  6. But who wears badges?
  7. Fabricators are only ever worth about 1-5 ref, however kits usually cost a heccin lot of keys.
  8. Yeah, it isn't. Wait a sec this is 2 years old
  9. Sniper. Even though I'm actually really good at every class, I just happen to have less hours on him, lol. I can hit headshots consistently, too.
  10. Is there an option for after the comp update in 2018? Lol
  11. I used to main Pyro, so that's currently mine. However, It'll soon get bumped by Medic.
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