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  1. Nice categories, but I would also add a Site Emotes tab for things like :boop:, :tip3: and :baa:
  2. For me this appears in a different way, whenever I go down to the 3rd page the 2nd page loops forever for some reason. It's similar to a bug report I made earlier' not sure what's going on. It is annoying though that I have to sort through time left which I have to go to page 7 for new raffles.
  3. One of my favourite tf2 moments was probably this weird time in a 2Fort server. For some reason, after the round ended, two really weird things happened.(This was a Valve server btw.) First, as if during the Merasmus boss fight, a truce was called and noone could be killed. Also, the server magically decided to have the time after the round to never actually end. Me and like 10 other people derped around for like 2 hours in RED spawn until I left. (One more edit to why it possibly happened, right as the round ended the Scream Fortress 2018 update dropped.) But what the actual hecc VALVe how does that even happen
  4. Wait, why'd it change to pending again?
  5. Oof, sorry, didn't know it was already found before. Thanks anyways!
  6. Not the place to post this discussion.
  7. Update, 6 hours later and it's still around. Looks like it could stick for a bit.
  8. I came across an odd raffle bug today. Whenever I've seen a raffle on the very bottom of the first page, going to the second one seems to duplicate the raffle as seen in this picture. (docs link) Also, whenever I join one of them the other gets joined too. I don't know if this is even fixable, I just wanted to report it in case it is. (Also, I have refreshed the page and logged out to no avail. Whenever a new raffle gets put in the spot it ALSO duplicates like that one.) Thanks! Edit: Second screenshot here to prove it's not just one. Edit AGAIN: It went away, but I'm gonna keep this up since other people have found it happening.
  9. But who wears badges?
  10. Fabricators are only ever worth about 1-5 ref, however kits usually cost a heccin lot of keys.
  11. Yeah, it isn't. Wait a sec this is 2 years old
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