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    Team Fortress 2 because I have no life or friends.

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  1. OneFungi

    What are the best weapons i can buy?

    Sharpened Volcano Fragment is the best weapon in tf2.
  2. OneFungi

    Why Is There No Garfield Emotes Yet?

    But it's amazing my bro
  3. OneFungi

    What is the price of the fabricator I have?

    Fabricators are only ever worth about 1-5 ref, however kits usually cost a heccin lot of keys.
  4. OneFungi

    Is it possible to get glitched taunts

    Yeah, it isn't. Wait a sec this is 2 years old
  5. OneFungi

    pile of haunted metal

    You don't
  6. OneFungi

    Why Is There No Garfield Emotes Yet?

    I love it m8 best emote
  7. OneFungi

    Least played classes?

    Sniper. Even though I'm actually really good at every class, I just happen to have less hours on him, lol. I can hit headshots consistently, too.
  8. OneFungi

    Price of the item '' tank top ''

    why is your font so weird lol
  9. OneFungi

    Which update did you join TF2?

    Is there an option for after the comp update in 2018? Lol
  10. OneFungi

    Whats your guys most played guy in the game?

    I used to main Pyro, so that's currently mine. However, It'll soon get bumped by Medic.
  11. OneFungi

    medic hats

  12. OneFungi

    Wow, Auctions!

    (The other nice part about it is on occasion you can buy things kinda like a bp.tf listing, but cheaper lol)
  13. OneFungi

    Wow, Auctions!

    I've only been doing this for like 2 days, but man, Scrap.tf auctions are amazing for profit! In this 2 day span, I went from 3 refind to 2 keys. I'm loving this. Keep up the good work, Scrap.tf.
  14. OneFungi

    A "Join All Raffles" Button

    Problem is, it would take away the fun of the site. Noone would read the messages in raffles. Noone would comment, or talk in basically any way. Noone would want to raffle, so the community would die. It would be a big o o f .
  15. OneFungi

    cannot fix A weird issue between this auction I found

    Bug doesn't happen to me, so I don't really know about this one.