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  1. Not the place to post this discussion.
  2. Fabricators are only ever worth about 1-5 ref, however kits usually cost a heccin lot of keys.
  3. Yeah, it isn't. Wait a sec this is 2 years old
  4. Sniper. Even though I'm actually really good at every class, I just happen to have less hours on him, lol. I can hit headshots consistently, too.
  5. Is there an option for after the comp update in 2018? Lol
  6. I used to main Pyro, so that's currently mine. However, It'll soon get bumped by Medic.
  7. (The other nice part about it is on occasion you can buy things kinda like a bp.tf listing, but cheaper lol)
  8. I've only been doing this for like 2 days, but man, Scrap.tf auctions are amazing for profit! In this 2 day span, I went from 3 refind to 2 keys. I'm loving this. Keep up the good work, Scrap.tf.
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