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  1. TF2R. People where discussing the raffle system, figured I'd check it out and then I ended up here.
  2. It doesn't show us that the system is broken, it just shows that you've had a bad experience with it. The suggestion you mentioned above wouldn't really fix the issue you stated and users would take advantage of this feature; as said by Project Synthesis. If it's bothering you that much, there are plenty of other sites which allow you to trade for the items you want.
  3. Refreshing the page too many times.
  4. "It's just a prank bro!"
  5. I don't need it either. nope
  6. Altogether, over the almost a year on this site, I have required over 4k crates from the Incinerator. Literally, I have so many crates selling at the moment that my SCM page won't load, ha ha. And no, there is no botters on the Incinerator, mods would ban any.
  7. Ah, thanks Luki. Thought something was up.
  8. Yeah I know what you guys are talking about. When I hover over the bot's inventory is says something like 'Instock: 26 items' yet when you click in the bot's backpack there is nothing present in the backpack. Yet it seems to work fine for everyone else. I know a few people are saying that this bot is just for scrap banking yet I have used this bot to get free supplies of crates for weeks now and I'm a little sad that all of a sudden the bot's backpack won't load up for me. I guess I'm worried that I have been banned for using it yet I have had no indication whatsoever and I'm pretty sure i
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