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  1. #idohavethetaunt still... -removed for being to confusing for new players that dont know what taunting is
  2. What if people don't have those dancing taunts and -removed for being to confusing for new players
  3. Baannned for flying hoovy
  4. Wish granted but you can only summon every 100 years and only last 10 sec before it goes away I wish to win all the raffles ever created on scrap.tf
  5. Wish granted but that good thing is a gibus
  6. Banned because it's dial up not dialdo-up
  7. Wish granted but you don't get it (does that work) I wish for a valve rocket mini gun in my back pack
  8. Wish granted but you are the only one that gets equality. I wish for more money to spend on tf2
  9. I would feed gabeN all of that muneys for tf2 items but first a new computer Also feed scrap.tf devs 1000 dollars
  10. If any if,the things above this post doesn't work try steam support?
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