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  1. Would you add Celeste, Hat In Time and Lobotomy Corporation? Celeste and Hat In Time are both pretty popular and relevant games And Lobotomy Corporation is pretty relevant and a nice game in general to have, has some decent amount of people who played it/follow it and since I'd love to buy it myself if I ever get the chance to
  2. You bring up a fair point, I can't really say anything about that. I did think about bp.tf, but I can also see a lot of Halloween/Paints/No longer usable Items/Skins, but beside those stuff, I can see it being a pretty good idea for the New Secret Santa year event tho, I just only believe it will be absolutely hard to pull off in a way Anyways, it was nice having a little argument with you, I guess looking from ur perspective the 3. and 4. idea doesn't sound that bad, but I still kinda have a bit of a mehish feeling on the 3. and 4. idea a bit nevertheless in my mind
  3. Calculating the value of painted hats is not the problem here, nor the problem with valuing the painted hats, is that 1. Some paints don't paint anything at all, and will just be useless to even value those hats 2. You're asking for every painted to be 0.11-0.22 ref? If so, that's pointless. Hell, it doesn't make any sort of profit nor for scrap.tf, nor for the user using that site, why make paints even cost 2-4$ then in the first place, paints are not that worthless after all, is just hard to find the person who wants this specific hat, with that specific paint, to make that specific set 3. Adding value to a painted hat is like adding value to a hat with a special level, yes there's collector for those, but not many peeps will want to get that specific. Also, enjoy having the bot being overstocked during Smismas since everyone gets a paint can, and can paint their hat while it still stays tradabale.
  4. Hmmm- I guess you're kinda right, the community is pretty big, but I doubt that it'll be the whole community braging, being toxic and all about how generous they are. Maybe 10-20% of peeps, but that's honestly about it. There's no such thing as a perfect community afterall. And well, I guess you're very much right about this issue tho. Honestly, the only way I think of maybe not annoying much with pricing is by blacklisting some items, but then that kinda kills the thing with gifting one of those specific item that the person wanted, getting blacklisted
  5. What I meant is that it'll pretty much affect how less people will want to join it, since it'll just be a 1:1 trade O, I taught you wanted it to make it like 1 key group will join a 1 key group and make them ex-change gifts of the same value, no? I still don't find this method yet to be that good since it'll since the whole "Secretish" and "Expect the Unexpected" Scrap.tf does say that "don't expect profit" so if u get a greedy P2P, or an poor F2P who can only give a skin, then it just happen. Honestly, your idea wasn't bad. Is actually a pretty nice idea, but it just kills the whole point of the event wanting to be, and making it fully different. I can still see the groups be a good idea if we actually make scrap.tf Recipient and Secret Santa be choosen by their backpack.tf value in my idea since they own backpack.tf now, but that'd be probably hard to pull off.
  6. 1. Here in Israel we get a lot of exams at the end of the year, but that's no wonder why since Christmas isn't really a thing here, yet most of the 60% of the population celebrate it here 2. I've seeing a lot of people who seem to be making more and more raffles with different languages, but I guess you're right upon the fact that even with their bit of gibberish English, they can still communicate pretty well I understand that your point of focus is to make the person less uncomfortable within their Secret Santa actually saying something and all. But even then, it just seems a bit forced into making a person talk since some just wanna give a gift, and be as silent as possible, some might just feel awkward talking in general. I'd just imagine an conversation that'd be just Person 1: Hey, so... What gift you want? Person 2: An Unusual Person 1: Alright... I'll get you it right away Person 2: Thanks Person 1: ... Person 2: ... Person 1: So, how's the weather? You did say minimum messages, that's a good idea. But that'll be the same result with my idea within quests of just being people spamming, but I'll get to that point. That's true that'd be easy to bypass with spam, but at least that'd make the person at least know with what kind of secret Santa they're dealing with, most people got angry for the gifts, but most people also got angry for the amount of how silent the Secret Santa is, which was pretty much my case with my Secret Santa being way too busy to even talk. Never said that'd be a easy task, that's why I said "it'd be a hard thing to do" why I taught it was a good idea, is because as you said "they'll just show how generous they were" yes they will, but at least you can kinda call it "He forced himself to be generous, so he deserved it" is not like people are going to form a cult around his name, and worship him since he donated 10$ value item for a badge. People did the same thing for the previous events just donating 10$ on hugs.tf if I recall, and were just doing it for the badge, it did help raise some money, and that's what matter. That why I taught it'd be an nice idea for the Secret Santa event, since less people will be complaining about their Secret Santa giving their recipient just a ref because they'll be focused on getting the badge instead. Now for Profile Badge, I didn't really think about it much, since not many people honestly care about getting a badge in Scrap.tf (or maybe is just me thinking that) but if it was a popular thing, and people did in fact want to show off how generous they really are with just their profile badge, that'd honestly be a weird flex. I mean, you have pretty much Raffle Veteran badge which just requires you to make 50 raffles over the 2 years if I recall, which you can pretty much easily earn by raffling 1 wep each day, and huzzah. (is probably the worse example, but you get the point) You now have something to flex with, maybe I just don't really care upon how many badges my profile has in it, but I really don't see a problem here. In fact, who doesn't want to show off a bit? Now that I look at ur 3. Idea, I guess it does make up to be a pretty fair idea, but I prefer the quest option so that it's more of an option to talk, then forcing a person to talk.
  7. That’s fair, but then what’s kinda the point of someone giving more, like an Unusual if they won’t be able, honestly it’ll just be more of a 1:1 trade then an actual gift, the scariest part of it, is that people might even make profit because as he pointed out, backpack.tf is not very accurate in pricing. This looks like a good idea in look, but will probably end up worse not by having a lot of negative reaction, but having more of less people will want to join it since what’s the point of joining in if you know what the gift is gonna be by value...
  8. Part l. There'll be nothing Secretish about expecting a gift from the Santa because they'll be in a 1 Key group, making them know that they'll get an item of a 1 Key value for sure since they're in that 1 Key group, killing the whole point of the event which is to expect the unexpected from Santa Claus. Part ll. Again, will kill the whole point of expecting the unexpected since you'll practically know that you're in that group, and will receive such value of an item. Maybe I missunderstood what you said, so you're free to explain me how it'll work due I didn't really understand it well.
  9. I like all 5 of those ideas, but the 3th and 4th idea seem to be a bit way too forced since... 1. Peeps usually always have exams in Christsmas 2. Their's Scrap.tf peeps who don't even speak English to begin with (Unless you wanna communicate with ur receipient with Google Translate, which is good luck on that) 3. Humans surely are busy species, especially in such holidays But anyways, I wanna give some of my suggestions My suggestion would be: 1. Talking to your Secret Santa/Recipient as an Event Quest in order to join some of the Secret Event Raffles. You remebere last year when you would buy a ticket, and commit into the bar in order to join the raffle? What if we bring that back so that peeps will actually care to talk to their Secret Santa/Recipient in order to get into the expensive raffles and such? 2. Giving that much "insert cost value" to your recipient will get you a special badge in-game for that. You know when there's like special support donate events going on, and you have to donate 10$ in order to receive this cool badge and such in-game... Many peeps seemed to really want to get the badge, and were just doing it for the badge more in most of the previous events,(No offense) So what if we did the same for the Secret Santa, I know it might actually be a pretty hard thing to do, and weird suggestion in a way, but I believe that will make everyone happy in a way and kinda at least make some peeps have some sort of want to give at least some stuff beside 1 ref. I hope I gave some good suggestions at least... I'm pretty new to all the forums shenanigans here. Sorry for my poor grammar also.
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