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  1. Hello, this is a thread where I will be suggesting a few maps for Server 2 that I think some people might like, the Server Mod's (or whoever is in charge of putting the new maps into the server) will be the one to check which maps look good to them and they might consider adding or are okay with, you are free to suggest any maps you think are nice and would be fun, but yeah Here is the maps that I've chosen and think they would be pretty nice maps: -trade_startdust -trade_smsdelfinoplaza_a4 -trade_jollyrogerbay_v3 -trade_saturnvalley -dm_mariokart2_b3 -dm_mariokart3_v1 -mario_kart_reanimated More maps I will probably add in the future
  2. Appreciated for your response, I have no more questions in that regards and appreciate that you answered all my questions. I guess I might hold less grudge regarding scrap but I still feel as much this topic is something you really wanted to avoid, avoiding something that was already spreading and hiding it like that only made it worse, and as far I see you understand that yourself In that regards I'm glad that you were communicative and at this point I wish you luck regarding scrap.tf future and generally your future Also regarding people who harassed you, I'm sorry that you had to deal with such people that went after you and just send you death threads. Have a good one
  3. I feel I'm having trouble asking the questions, so let me explain it Before Scrap.tf was made, Banned users would still co-exist in the raffle comments without having their comments deleted But after a while there was an update in Scrap.tf which would erase any comments regarding a Banned users in any raffles they commented before or any raffles they ever made Now my question is if the update was implemented due of the whole footrest thing (Since I found out about this whole incident out of curiosity on a user who got banned with a very odd reason in their scrap profile and I decided to add them in order to know what was the reason), or was it just coincidence that you updated it in such time and decided to implement this update?
  4. I wanna ask multiple questions since you seem genuine about your response and I don't wanna take sides and rather hear it from you. >Was Server 3 closed because of his toxic behavior that had to do with the people mentioning Footrest there often? >Did you imply the update on Scrap with that banned users would be almost fully be erased out of Scrap history due of the banwave that happen regarding Footrest in which you'd want less people to know about it? >Why didn't you address this issue after you found out about it? >The entire staff knew about this incident when it happen? Thank you in advance for responding and I hope this can make everything clear so this whole drama would end once and for all, you really should've mentioned this drama before it even happen to avoid all this
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