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  1. Natural

    Scrap.Tf App

    WTF its me lol
  2. you should do something to make up for the April fools joke tho
  3. HA funny thing about that I forgot all about that crap.
  4. so you : lunar2019deadpanpig : place this down on a special page and it would save for the next time and stuff instead of having to go thru your back pack to see what the emote was. or is there a better way?
  5. I would like to have a feature in which users can save steam emotes by copying and pasting the :something: and it would save. this would make it quick to apply your favorite steam emotes when making your raffles.
  6. You know this is just a suggestion who cares if it happens or not i am just bringing up an idea
  7. I do and I did state that in the text that I was late to this subject but I mean we could just get something small?
  8. Now I can't be the only who remembers when scrap.tf DID THINGS I remember it was cool its why I came back to scrap.tf every once in a while and become a raffler. we did things for Valentine's day and Halloween now we only just do Christmas and that's it. Now it's too late for Valentine's day but Easter is coming up and Easter is very nice the pastel color themes and cute baby animals. Now we will pick up eggs that are hidden daily and we will still have missions like send :boop: to users or make a raffle you know the basic. you can probably get bonus DUCKS [eggs] when you find all the eggs. now the eggs will be all over the site you can find them like in the raffle page or front page but sometimes they might be in the incinerator or the stat page. rewards well hats are easy ones but? what will they be? Look At What The Bunny Is Holding I do not know what it called but it's used to dye eggs it will be like a scarf and go under the avatar. Another one will be rabbit ears a chicken comb and Easter egg half on your head and it can be other colors. Lox can be the Easter bunny. Geel Will Be Jesus. And Just Come On I'm bored and want to do something. Now we would need people to do this and it is a bit late to talk about this but please come on make scrap.tf fun again.
  9. Natural

    A Scrap.tf App

    thank you I have not, sorry I've been using scrap tf for 3 years and just now got into the "community" I'm not used to any this as this is my 1st "community" I have ever been in I am sorry for the trouble I will stop posting stuff
  10. Natural

    A Scrap.tf App

    I Take No Response-ability for this Heavy Cailbre had this idea which he probably took from someone else but its not a bad idea? but its probably crap
  11. this might work? :fatcat:
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