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  1. Ok, there should also be a tab for characters on the site, like :redscarfdragon: and
  2. I love reskins! The big kill, AWPer hand, black rose, shooting star, ap sap, three rune blade, batsabre, C.A.P.P.E.R, iron curtain, quäckenbirdt, enthusiast timepiece, lugermorph, you name it. Almost all of them are awesome!
  3. Field practice, medicine manpurse, and bunnyhopper's ballistics vest. Gives you a tacti-cool battle medic.
  4. Medic. Medic needs to cooperate, which I can't.
  5. :loxbaa: After talking to lox, I decided to make this. I would prefer the name :baa: or even :baaa:, but both of those are already taken, so it will be :loxbaa:
  6. :itsart: for when someone don't understand that it is art, or when you suddenly realize that it is, or just any moment of art :)
  7. :vintageamby2: for when you want a dual wielding :tom::vintageamby:
  8. I'm sorry, I am just in this very moment trying to open a program that can make it smaller. Sorry. For real, that was kind of a big thing...
  9. How about a :redscarfdragon: ? (Based on NixtaFIN)
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