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  1. If you've randomly stumbled upon this, move along, nothing to see here. Thanks Ronald D_D for the idea. GLHF //Format is: Xxx yy Xxxx xx Xxxxxxxxx where x's are letters and y's are numbers //No additional hints will be given //Good luck #include <stdio.h> main(t,_,a) char * a; { return! 0<t? t<3? main(-79,-13,a+ main(-87,1-_, main(-86, 0, a+1 ) +a)): 1, t<_? main(t+1, _, a ) :3, main ( -94, -27+t, a ) &&t == 2 ?_ <13 ? main ( 2, _+1, "%s %d %d\n" ) :9:16: t<0? t<-72? main( _, t, "@n'+,#'/*{}w+/w#cdnr/+,{}r/*de}+,/*{*+,/w{%+,/w#q#n+,/#{l,+,/n{n+,/+#n+,/#;\ #q#n+,/+k#;*+,/'r :'d*'3,}{w+K w'K:'+}e#';dq#'l q#'+d'K#!/+k#;\ q#'r}eKK#}w'r}eKK{nl]'/#;#q#n'){)#}w'){){nl]'/+#n';d}rw' i;# ){nl]!/n{n#'; \ r{#w'r nc{nl]'/#{l,+'K {rw' iK{;[{nl]'/w#q#\ \ n'wk nw' iwk{KK{nl]!/w{%'l##w#' i; :{nl]'/*{q#'ld;r'}{nlwb!/*de}'c ;;\ {nl'-{}rw]'/+,}##'*}#nc,',#nw]'/+kd'+e}+;\ #'rdq#w! nr'/ ') }+}{rl#'{n' ')# }'+}##(!!/") : t<-50? _==*a ? putchar(31[a]): main(-65,_,a+1) : main((*a == '/') + t, _, a + 1 ) : 0<t? main ( 2, 2 , "%s") :*a=='/'|| main(0, main(-61,*a, "!ek;dc i@bK'(q)-[w]*%n+r3#l,{}:\nuwloca-O;m .vpbks,fxntdCeghiry") ,a+1);}
  2. Neet will be the winner as neet will nom this thread
  3. You guys are still doing this?
  4. Just shut up and die! Hmmph!

  5. New Zealandium... I bet if you inject the sniper with it, he'll grow metalic claws out of his hands.
  6. Or tell valve (I doubt they will listen) to add some kind of weapon reskins that can only be crafted with 1000 ref
  7. Some idiot stained my skirt with ink, and that's my favorite skirt!

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    2. Ribs


      Are you some kind of idiot or something?

    3. 555555555
    4. 哈哈


      "girls playing video games? must be drunk again."

  8. I think you're looking at it the wrong way, instead of making keys craftable/adding keys to the drop system, why not find ways to get rid of refined metal altogether? Like i dunno, crafting silver weapons for every 1000 refined maybe? Or have another set of chemistry sets which consume tons of weapons dropped to the community? As far as i can see, valve will never reduce the key price, nor will they make them random drops or craftable items, so yeah, find ways to get rid of those pesky refined.
  9. Some idiot messed around with my emote, now it's broken

  10. Demo -> Roamer -> Scout -> Scout -> Roamer -> Pocket... It's all coming back to me...
  11. Demo -> Roamer -> Scout -> Scout -> Roamer -> Pocket

  12. Wait hold on... Why does the forum have unsafe scripts?

    1. 哈哈


      It's the outside things like youtube/puush/etc links/code which are considered "unsafe". The forum is fine, just something chrome like to do.

  13. On a scale from 1 to 10, what would you give to the music above you? Rate fairly! Hater votes don't help anybody
  14. I guess sweetiebot can be mean sometimes... Don't worry, i still believe that you're a mod.
  15. It's a TFC Source remake. Too bad there aren't many people playing this mod... As for those who do, they're really really good.
  16. Geez, none of this would have happned if geel would just rickrolled them rather than... This...
  17. J-Just be glad my ban hammer is being cleaned right now, otherwise you're banned!

  18. Since i;m a mod, the first thing i will do is ban everyone, enjoy your ban

    1. cum guy

      cum guy

      however, since I'M a mod, im banning you

  19. Meh, GO Bank is easy, both on stealth and loud. Though sometimes Hillary decides not to be an idiot and demand to see the guards, the ones you've shot a few minutes earlier... Why can't idiots stay as idiots?
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