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  1. :grableft: and :grabright: respectively
  2. It's been almost a week since the last post here, could we get an update on the situation?
  3. I personally wouldn't mind if they were banned. It is so easy to make the puzzle take forever, meaning people WILL waste time solving it to see if the puzzle is even solvable. It's not fun, and the utter disappointment of having the password you get (if there even is one) be incorrect, most likely due to the raffler's incompetence, is extremely painful.
  4. Not sure if this has been suggested but might as well Basically achievement items (like the jarate) are not detected by Autoscrap (probably because they're untradeable and unmarketable), thus if you have an achievement jarate and a unique jarate in your backpack it won't scrap the unique one. Additionally, when I do scrap the unique ones myself and lets say autobuy, it gives me back the weapons I already had as it doesn't recognize achievement items.
  5. So I found out that saying "tippable" apparently doesn't disable tips. There's probably other words that do so as well, and I'm not exactly sure why.
  6. I think memes that are still valid reactions can be accepted, like the facepalm is still a reaction, and the thinking and thonking memes can be used as such, either sarcastic or serious. Basically, if it's not just for the sake of memes it should be okay.
  7. I must clarify that they aren't exactly memes, in the sense that it's agonizingly obvious and only for memetic purposes like dabbing or water bottle flipping (ugh), but can be used as valid reactions where appropriate, similar to the jontron reaction images that are already in the custom emote list.
  8. :thinking: :thonking: Was surprised to see these not on the list yet
  9. Also, as we're discussing this, can I also suggest showing the solution to a puzzle raffle that ends when the max number of users join? Because currently the solution is only shown when the time runs out, but if the puzzle gets maximum entries then it doesn't show.
  10. It was for a puzzle raffle when it was up
  11. I just realised this should be in the "bugs" forum not the "suggestions" forum, woops, sorry about that. (I mean I guess it technically is a suggestion to fix the bug but nvm I'm dumb)
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