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  1. It was for a puzzle raffle when it was up
  2. Faxon Fury

    TF2 Poetry!

    There's no need to...Recreate and complicate the ways to over-kill,Charge and crit and targe and hit the heavy alive still,Just explode 'em with your load then the job is simply done,And yourself will get more health for much more 'sploding fun.Stab the engie in a frenzy then sap his construction,Get that sentry with an entry for total destruction.He's now back and attacks, killed you giving the finger,But he don't know that's for show, you have your dead ringer.Now the fun has just begun, you say with a laugh,From larcenist to arsonist , a flaming psychopath.Take the horde down, not sword bound, you'll fry them like trout,Cuz when this furry's in a hurry his snout is over and out.
  3. Likes the smell of freshly baked goods in Swaziland
  4. Banned for being a furry :^)
  5. You're banned for mentioning our band :^)
  6. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=55 The Declaration of Independence had 56 signers 25 + 52 = 57 The number of playable spaces on the board game Hexxagon is 58. Dividing 59 by 2 gives a remainder of 1, Dividing 59 by 3 gives a remainder of 2, Dividing 59 by 4 gives a remainder of 3, Dividing 59 by 5 gives a remainder of 4, Dividing 59 by 6 gives a remainder of 5. 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, an equilateral triangle has 600 for every angle.
  7. True, I would tell you, but it's secret :^) Next person has created at least 5 raffles on scrap.tf
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