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  1. Bump! Can you please acknowledge this instead of just ignoring it!
  2. This is a screenshot I took on mobile. Can you look at how the TINY "pin" button is literally sandviched between the "boot" and the "pm" button. Every time I wanna pin it's a gamble. Will I accidentally boot someone? Will I accidentally invite someone to a pm?
  3. It has happened multiple times that I notice a mistake in my raffle directly after I click on the "trade items" button. The only thing I can do is to decline the trade and wait until the raffle closes. It takes a really long time. I also can't make a new raffle because you can't make one while one is pending. So I propose that maybe if the trade gets declined, the bot can see that it's declined and just close the raffle. If that's impossible, maybe you can choose to cancel the raffle after you have clicked on the "trade items" button.
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