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  1. Have you ever wanted to exchange 3 reclaimed for 1 refined or 9 scrap? Honestly, it would be a great idea, i havent seen any web-site thay does this, it can be useful for people that cant't trade, and they just want to get 1 ref instead of 3 reclaimed. Thank you!
  2. This gave me an idea, instead of putting the (example) 9 refs for an item in the load screen, what about putting instead, a x9 in the ref box?
  3. Most of the people buying/ selling cs:go items in Scrap.tf have/had this issue. Bot inventory is completly full, i try to sell my desert eagle oxide blaze and guess what, no offers, i went to live support an someone sent me the bot inv, that is actually full, can someone get some stuff of the bot and let other users sell their items to the bot? I already looked for answers and i got it, but i have been waiting for 1 and a half month, is that normal? Thanks and please consider this
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