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  1. Ben


    Please refrain from discussing gambling here.
  2. Ben

    Failed raffle

    There is a form, available here, that should be used for situations such as these. Please use that form in the future if this should ever occur again. I have returned the items to you.
  3. This is something that has been suggested before, and has been denied with the reason being that sniping is a common tradition in auction systems worldwide. However, we are looking to improve the auction experience so I will pass this onto the moderation team for consideration.
  4. Prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. It's possible that they'll return to 1.11/1.22 eventually but it's entirely dependent on the market.
  5. Ben


    This is not true. Copyright notices are optional, but if used then the year generally refers to the year the work was first available/year of first publication. There is no legal process required to update the year, it's just not really necessary.
  6. We utilise the SteamRep API to automatically ban any user who is tagged as a scammer on SteamRep. Claiming that scammers are "allowed to use the scrap.tf auction system" is quite a loaded statement. It misses the unfortunate reality of the situation that SteamRep will always be behind the curve, because it is very easy for scammers to create a new account, funnel their items, and evade their bans in the time it takes for SteamRep to catch up to them. We (the staff) simply do not have the time to be proactive in hunting down scammer's alt accounts, however, we will investigate any account brought to our attention -- which is why, if you are concerned about the legitimacy of an auction, you should use the "Report Auction" functionality and describe in detail what those concerns are. Alt accounts using auctions is not our intention, it is a symptom of the difficulty of preventing fraud.
  7. Boilerplate regex to stop this situation happening: (\b|_)(words|go|here)(\b|_) I've been using this myself for months and have not yet come across a situation where it triggered on something unexpected.
  8. This is planned once work on the servers is done.
  9. Can you please check here https://scrap.tf/inventory to confirm if the items you deposited exist and are available for withdrawal.
  10. The bots are usually fully restocked within half a day.
  11. According to our logs, you have never traded any unusual to the site. In addition, your backpack history shows that you've never owned an unusual -- certainly not the one you're claiming to have sold to us.
  12. this is a status update

    1. Allure


      Dear God....

    2. Levi
  13. Ben


    This thread features topics merged from the now deprecated Skullgirls Discussion forum.
  14. Ben

    Dota 2

    This thread features topics merged from the now deprecated Dota 2 Discussion forum.
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