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    Please refrain from discussing gambling here.
  2. Ben

    Failed raffle

    There is a form, available here, that should be used for situations such as these. Please use that form in the future if this should ever occur again. I have returned the items to you.
  3. Prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. It's possible that they'll return to 1.11/1.22 eventually but it's entirely dependent on the market.
  4. We utilise the SteamRep API to automatically ban any user who is tagged as a scammer on SteamRep. Claiming that scammers are "allowed to use the scrap.tf auction system" is quite a loaded statement. It misses the unfortunate reality of the situation that SteamRep will always be behind the curve, because it is very easy for scammers to create a new account, funnel their items, and evade their bans in the time it takes for SteamRep to catch up to them. We (the staff) simply do not have the time to be proactive in hunting down scammer's alt accounts, however, we will investigate any account broug
  5. Can you please check here https://scrap.tf/inventory to confirm if the items you deposited exist and are available for withdrawal.
  6. The bots are usually fully restocked within half a day.
  7. According to our logs, you have never traded any unusual to the site. In addition, your backpack history shows that you've never owned an unusual -- certainly not the one you're claiming to have sold to us.
  8. Ben


    This thread features topics merged from the now deprecated Skullgirls Discussion forum.
  9. This thread features topics merged from the now deprecated Dota 2 Discussion forum.
  10. Ben

    Garry's Mod

    This thread features topics merged from the now deprecated Garry's Mod Discussion forum.
  11. yo i see your the admin of scrap.tf,i have a problem i deposited a strange speacilized killstreak dressed to kill  knife,and it never came to the withdraw section but i looked at the bot inventory and the knife was in the bot but it doesnt let me withdraw it on auctions.and i waited more than a day and its still not appearing on the withdraw pls help me get my item back its in bot storage #15!!

    1. lesse


      >help and support have a read before posting messages

  12. That's the reason keys are such a stable currency, because their value is more or less fixed in terms of actual money. Metal is free and is introduced into the system at a much higher rate than it leaves the system. I'm not sure why anyone is surprised that its value relative to the key keeps decreasing.
  13. We're generally behind the curve (for good reason), the price update just brings it more in line with actual market value and not the value listed on backpack.tf
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