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  1. Discord Tag: SolomonG#0605 Chrome dev tools? I have some experience with the Chrome Inspector, and a little bit of general coding knowledge. Experience? I do not have any formal prior experience with testing software under monitored conditions.
  2. SolomonG


    Same here, I typically play arena so I'm interested in seeing what the new expansion will do to the arena scene!
  3. SolomonG


    Hi there: I know its been a long time since this topic got any play, but I'd just like to mention that I just started playing Hearthstone, and I really enjoy the game! I'm also playing on EU, and would genuinely like to explore this game. So if any one would like to give me any pointers on how to start and/or progress, I would greatly appreciate it. My tag is SolomonG #11610 Feel free to add me, and speak with me if you ever see me on ^^
  4. In chat, I've noticed that private messages, mixed in with normal public messages, can feel cluttered. I suggest a "Hide Private Messages" button on the chat interface. This function would allow users to hide all of the private messages they have sent and received in the current chat session, hide the PMs from appearing in all their rooms, and clear the PMs without having to clear chat. While the button is active, your chat screen will look as if no PMs have been sent or received. If you discover that you need to view the PMs again, just click the button again, and it will show the PMs in the same way you would normally see them.
  5. You see, I wanted to get into tf2 trading. So I googled "tf2 trading" and got a video that mentioned this place
  6. We shall not shy away from greatness, you and I.

  7. Just shake ya rump!

  8. Just fuck it, ya know?

  9. Myyyyyyy heart..is year-ning for your looooove!

  10. Black (Scottish Cyclopes) Friday It's a mouthful but you like maybe?
  11. SolomonG

    Scrappy Names

    "Scrapalescence". A nod to Rarity's cat, Opalescence
  12. Can't wait for my one year badge :) its been good run so far!

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