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  1. So we have to force everyone to read some wholesome 100 story or some other garbage. This forced positivity is especially facilitated by the fact that if you say something remotely offensive then you're banned. Oh, but let me guess, it would make the community toxic or some other buzzword. Good point.
  2. I saw an old scrap.tf script that alleged to joining all raffles with a click of a button but at the scrap.tf terms of services it says that such things are not allowed. Why? Raffles (public ones) are open to anybody, with no limitations for users. if someone uses a script to join all raffles, i don't see how it is different from manually joining all public raffles (which is extremely tedious). The end result is the same, whether or not someone has joined raffles "illegitimately" or not. Nobody is in an advantage since there isn't any competition (you know, something like fighting in TF2). Is it because somebody is encouraged to read someone's sob story or something? I never used these scripts, nor do I intend to but I just don't get the logic.
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