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    Recently i found your topic about "chat Junkbox"

    Sorry if it sounds i dont know anything but... Is it an actual Scra.tf service?

    Or is it just an idea (proyect) of Implementing this function?

     Thank you for your attention :3


  2. Actually I agree with you, mostlikely on raffles that has more that 3 items and cannot see what other things does the raffler raffling (sorry for that) . However thinking on the trades pages (big inventories) it would be hard to see all of them anyway. Conclusion : Thinking of an idea of a mobile phone adaptation would be a big project.
  3. The idea of the homepage of "raffle" is that the user could see what other people are raffling and what are the topic they are going to talk (see the tittle). More of efficiency is about the raffle content people and ethich. Anyway, i would agree if i had used "raffle" section as a method of winning and getting chances to get something bigger. Have a good day pals :3
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