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  1. I used to do hide n seek on an old Trade server *before it went down... Happy that it did* Mainly hosted events once in a while. Got people to pay attention and listen, said hey; if you want to try this, and possibly win items, anyone who wants to donate any item towards a pot; that will then go to who ever wins, then gets said items. Worked most of the time, sometimes people wouldn't listen or people would join and be confused, but it did work out non the less. Only real issues were sometimes getting players, getting items that people could win, and ha
  2. Minigame plugins that might get some attraction: Freak Fortress Randomizer TF2Ware Zombies Other things that may gain attraction: Just having a server run only custom maps Ideas that could work in a "Giveaway" type of thing Sharks n Minnows ~ The versions i have seen are just either; A sniper/s who tries to shoot the scouts, last one alive wins. A demo/s who charge and try to kill the scouts with the last one winning. Hide n Seek ~ Well, as the name implies. You have 1 tea
  3. I personally feel it should be 5 seconds.. because well you know a minute per 6 raffles is eh, imo a bit much... then again. Moderately happy that this could put more onto reading rafflers posts.. but there are still those who probably don't care :/
  4. Whats this bout Emotes id like to see a full list if there is not one already

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