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  1. In the case of currency it doesn't have to be the exact same one, but that is the case for other items, so keep that in mind
  2. Still no issue, people gave away even steam keys this way
  3. I don't see why it would be an issue XD
  4. Gift keys? Like give a key to someone?
  5. Yup, if no one buys it you get it back and if you bid but doesn't win you don't have to pay for something you aren't getting
  6. Don't accept it, just ignore it, if not a scam it's gambling which is just as likely to take your money away lol
  7. I kinda like that they took more of a detective theme since batman is a lot like that(specially in earlier comics) although, i must say that solving the riddles looked like had barely any actual effect most of the time Also not many Fs given to civilian lives during chases and such which is off character specially considering his "not killing" rule
  8. Me and the boys looking for the beans at 3 am
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