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  1. Look at price suggestions at backpack.tf (prices are slightly outdated but shouldn't vary too much), steam market itself should show you some recent sale prices, although weirdly enough it appears to group all effect together.

    Lastly, learn about scams: A "steam admin" will never ask for your items. If random person wants you to join/vote for their team on a website you never heard before, it's likely an attempt to steal your password, so don't try to login with steam on it.


    Good luck!


    Backpack classifieds: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?item=Well-Rounded+Rifleman&particle=31

    Backpack stats: https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Well-Rounded Rifleman/Tradable/Craftable/31

    S.C.M.: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/Unusual Well-Rounded Rifleman

  2. 5 hours ago, kashalot said:

    So we have to force everyone to read some wholesome 100 story or some other garbage. This forced positivity is especially facilitated by the fact that if you say something remotely offensive then you're banned. Oh, but let me guess, it would make the community toxic or some other buzzword.


    Good point.

    "Bruh"  You are not forced to be positive, wholesome or even read the raffles, i just gave you a suggestion on how to enjoy raffles instead of having it as a laborious process :/

  3. 1 hour ago, kashalot said:

    Care to elaborate?

    People tend to share stories, make jokes and just try to have fun in general. Most people who raffle do so expecting that at least some of the people who join will read it, if there was a "join all" button, there would be less people interacting with the community, which would eventually lead to less and less raffles until it goes the way of TF2r :derp:

  4. The only thing that happens if you end up with more items than your limit is that you can't deposit more items until you claim enough items to be bellow the limit again, so don't worry even if you auction a key and get 50+ items, you will not loose any item


    PS: If an item is left too long in the bots, you will not be able to join raffles until you withdraw or auction the item to prevent using it as a storage

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