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  1. Bumping as thread is already created (although the name of this thread isn't easily understood) before publishing the puzzle and trading items to the bot, i can edit the puzzle name, puzzle message and puzzle entered message, but I couldn't find a way to edit the solution steps - which would be a useful feature so that an entirely new puzzle raffle does not have to be created if we want to add more information in or fix already entered information
  2. So basically, what i said in the title user is trying to trade items with the bot but steam itself is down if there were an option on the error page like "Check this box to receive a scrap.tf notification or Pop-up when the steam servers are back up/when your backpack should load properly", that would give us a notification or pop-up just like any other - ie you won a raffle, you won an auction bid etc, that would be great in particular it could say something like "steam should be working/back up, please try again now". the option could either go back to an unchecked state on successful notification or it could stay permanently checked, that depends on the implementation. why would this be useful? because steam is frying my brain right now with the downtime and i've clicked retry loading a bunch. i'm sure others have also encountered similar issues before
  3. Also this could be used to continually put your auction in the newest section (which people pay more attention to) than those that are many pages in, which isn't really fair
  4. I was able to find that CKEditor 5 (the latest version) has a built-in WordCount plugin through its documentation (so this could potentially be what we are looking for), but I don't know how viable moving from the current CKEditor version (4) is, nor exactly the way in which the counting feature would/could be implemented (though all the suggestions above seem somewhat viable).
  5. idea does not seem to have been suggested before Just wanted to see if there could be a bit more clarity on the length (not the time in terms of hours or days but literal length in terms of characters or words) restrictions on the create raffle pages for both the raffle message and entered message. I'm not sure if this has already been stated somewhere as I could not find it but I cannot tell if there is a word limit or a character limit (although there is certainly some kind of limit), nor when I have reached this limit. I myself have experienced typing more text than the limit and then after saving the raffle, realizing that what I typed is no longer there because anything past the limit was not saved. I have seen other rafflers also make mention of this happening to them. What I am asking for then, is some sort of indicator that the message limit is reached. Perhaps the entered message box can stop accepting further typed text? If there is a character limit then maybe it can show, for example, 3000/4000 characters typed. Something like this basically. And someone could definitely argue: who actually reaches the raffle message limit anyways, and the answer is: i don't really have statistics but i've seen a number of rafflers talk about how what they typed was wiped clean so it's not an insignificant amount. tl;dr - some indicator that the maximum length of raffle message (and the raffle entered message) has been reached would be a useful feature
  6. i'll start by saying I couldn't find if anything like this has already been/is already being implemented? if so, then oops and this can be deleted 😄 also, essay incoming tl;dr is: filter out comments that say bad words/bad stuff such that only staff and the user that posted it can see it. the staff could also receive a report depending on what exactly is said. alternatively just don't send the comment to begin with or autodelete it (although this of course alerts the user). of course this would only apply in specific cases but has multiple potential uses essentially this would be somewhat similar to a milder version of a reddit shadowban except only for the single comment made at that instant as opposed to all comments made in the future by that user (unless desired): that is, given the plaintext of a particular raffle comment, if one of the phrases in it matches any of a particular list of strings (case-insensitive), that comment is still published, but is only visible to staff/admin and the particular user who typed that comment so for example, if someone types something blatantly racist (i'll avoid stating anything particular myself) or even just something spammy (think "i never win", "bots", "give tips", although it doesn't really have to be used for messages like these), the user thinks they have posted it, and in fact they have, but essentially no other general user will see it if desired, certain words could also trigger an automatic report to staff (again I won't say anything but you can probably guess what I'm talking about) of course, this would make it impossible for other users to report that comment in particular but that's sort of the cost (and benefit) of the system as they would never have to see it in the first place. anything in particular that escapes would of course have to be reported normally a full shadowban type thing could also maybe (?) be useful to implement but community bans already serve that purpose the function of this is essentially to at least somewhat prevent users from having to see particular types of negative comments made towards them in the moment before someone can report and staff can delete them (because although this happens incredibly fast, users who happen to be online at the time said comment(s) are made will get notifications and see comments before any action can be taken) note that this could also be used to prevent people from posting puzzle raffle answers in puzzle comment sections (although this is pretty rare) obviously in the case of puzzle raffle answers or extremely inappropriate comments, the users who made the raffles in question can delete them but for puzzle raffles, the user may not necessarily be online when/if someone posts the answer and for general raffles/replies, it would be nice to not have to read those kinds of comments at all. also for megaraffles, there is no raffle creator to delete comments so again this sort of visibility/comment filter option could be useful again sorry for the essay but i figured if i were going to explain, i might as well explain fully if anyone has questions, i can of course answer and yes i am aware how close this could potentially toe the line to outright censorship lol but that isn't really up to me staff could also have the option of approving filtered/"shadowbanned" comments if they so desire with the addition that they are able to immediately visually tell if a certain comment has been hidden or not (ie with an H next to where the free/premium/p+/SP indicator is). basically the idea behind this is that there are some things that are inappropriate to say, no matter the context. this combined with rule 2 (no hateful speech at all, even if meant as a joke), makes what might initially seem like too harsh an idea seem more viable. basically it can be ok to blanket "shadowban" particular comments because even if they were meant in jest, certain hurtful words simply have no place here
  7. yeah i see what you're saying at least when it comes to replying to one person who's already said something in the thread but like if you want to message multiple people who haven't necessarily left comments yet, typing is probably one of the only viable options (i guess @'ing user IDs would be cool too for people with untypable names although this is more like another suggestion altogether) also the way the current @ system works is that, if you click reply on one person's name and then click reply on another person's name, the first is replaced by the second; that is, you can only reply to the person you last clicked reply for. so even if you wanted to reply to multiple people in the same comment chain with the same message, at this point in time we wouldn't be able to do that. if it were changed to allow multiple replies by clicking reply (like stacking replies), this would work well for replying to people within the same chain but again it would not fare well for other users who we also want to @ but have not said anything yet, which is again where typing comes into play i think the 3-5 like you said should probably be fine as well final thing I just thought of: if we look at how forum tagging works, if i try to tag you with @g, a list of all possible people comes up and as I type more and more letters, the options are narrowed further and further down. this combined with being able to tag multiple people will probably be the best option as it saves on manual typing like you mentioned and just seems a whole lot easier. with this though, i think users should have the option to toggle whether they can be tagged or not because this whole idea could be abused in general to spam people with notifications, especially staff or wealthier/SP users
  8. Edit: I didn't consider the case of Halloween-restricted items, which this could possibly be easily be confused with, so maybe we use the Halloween Spell bottle picture instead? The picture in question would be similar to the ones from here: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Halloween_Spells. Obviously it wouldn't necessarily have to be exact per spell, maybe just a general potion bottle of sorts would do.
  9. 1. Allow people to manually type @username and still have it work in addition to the option of manually clicking reply 2. Allow people to @ multiple people in the same comment - would work well when replying to two users who have asked the same question or when wanting to send a message to multiple people in a "Team" (Also, I didn't go into minute details such as maximum number of users tagged, maximum number of staff that can be tagged at once etc... Don't think that's really in the scope of what I can provide in the suggestion lol) Also, these suggestions are independent of each other
  10. well, i get what you're saying but there are a number of items like this (such as Strange Archers Groundings) when it comes to trying to win auctions where items can be bid. are we really going to ban every single one in which the market price has not yet adjusted? it seems to me that perhaps the change instead needs to come from the bp.tf side with regards to severely outdated prices (groundings price having last been updated 2 years ago). maybe you could make a price suggestion? additionally, you can of course just reject the bid (although this does not stop some users from continually bidding anyways) or use currency only maybe this could lead to something bigger like the user being able to blacklist certain items being bid for their own auctions, which i would certainly be behind
  11. +1 for using strange stat counter to indicate strange part(s) as long as it can be easily differentiated from the stat clock already present on strange decorated/skinned weapons orange wrench could work as well so long as no one thinks the item is for engineer (unlikely but possible) so the stat counter is likely the better idea
  12. An option to show as "Hidden" or maybe just "Offline" to all but staff/support No prior threads with this as their explicit focus.
  13. Items can only be withdrawn from one bot at a time, and auctions can only be created using items stored in one particular bot at a time. Currently, when withdrawing items you can see which items are stored in different bots. However, for creating auctions, this is not the case and all the items are jumbled up, making it difficult to determine which items can be used together to create an auction and which cannot be. If the Create Auction page could have the items split up into different groups like the Withdraw Items from inventory page does, I think this would make things a lot easier.
  14. Again, couldn't find a previous suggestion about this so here it is: Just as there are ways to visually determine what paint an item has (the circle with paint color), for items with any sort of Halloween Spell, I think it would be useful for there to be a little pumpkin or something somewhere on the item (especially in auctions) because it is not always immediately clear. As far as I can tell, currently, paints are in the top left, festive indicators bottom right, killstreak kits and fabricators in the bottom right, leaving the top right (or bottom left) of any item to indicate that a spell exists. If more than one spell were on the item, then maybe 🎃x2 or 🎃x3 etc, whereas for normal ones there could just be 🎃
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