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  1. There's only uncraftable name tags: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Name_Tag
  2. I think that he's trying to say that the name tags that he's trying to donate do not show up while they are on the list of acceptable items for donating. Probably they don't accept them anymore, but the list has not been updated or probably it's a bug.
  3. This is a pretty bad idea, a lot of people dislike users who advertise sites in their usernames and also scrap.tf has a pretty huge userbase, it doesn't need referrals. Not to mention that several communities started to ban people from their servers for having site links in their usernames.
  4. Donating works just fine. Click here: https://scrap.tf/donate/items/ and choose the items that you'd like to donate, then complete the trade.
  5. http://forums.steamrep.com/threads/mass-crabbing-co.99922/page-2#post-286869
  6. I am experiencing the same problem
  7. This shouldn't be implemented because a lot of conflicts that are specific on social media sites will start. Users will block users for unknown reasons, the blocked users will get their friends to talk to the ones that blocked them and all this stupid stuff ... Blocking a user doesn't remove any toxicity from the site compared to reporting them for violating the rules. From a simple user's perspective everything is worth it, but for staff it might not be worth it. I also want to point out that this has been, as well, suggested here:
  8. That's already a thing https://scrap.tf/img/emotes/
  9. It's already saying on users' profiles if they are banned, hence this is not worth being implemented for showing that. Also, badges are usually awarded to people that have done something useful for the site, so removing all of them for violating the rules would be kind of rough, same with removing banned users from leaderboards, especially if someone has been banned for a reason that is unrelated to raffling/donating( been mentioned here ) and doing that only to people that have a permanent ban doesn't make much sense either. Just my opinion.
  10. I have been experiencing the same problem
  11. I agree with you, bumping is not helping bidders. Adding some filters like "ending soon" and "newly listed" would actually help. Also, https://scrap.tf/search
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