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  1. There's only uncraftable name tags: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Name_Tag
  2. I think that he's trying to say that the name tags that he's trying to donate do not show up while they are on the list of acceptable items for donating. Probably they don't accept them anymore, but the list has not been updated or probably it's a bug.
  3. Donating works just fine. Click here: https://scrap.tf/donate/items/ and choose the items that you'd like to donate, then complete the trade.
  4. I am experiencing the same problem
  5. I have been experiencing the same problem
  6. Stuff has recently been kicking me into high gear in the magical world of real life.

    With other words, I am not going to be as active as I used to be on scrap.tf / steam anymore.

  7. Aaand another one: https://scrap.tf/raffles/CPRWUA
  8. Also permanently banned users are in top rafflers Example: https://scrap.tf/profile/1013868 #24 in most tipped users
  9. Well ... shouldn't the "trade items" button be re-added if the trade fails but the raffle creator has the items in their backpack?
  10. Actually it's not after you create more than four, sometimes reports don't show up on https://scrap.tf/viewreports, and it's pretty annoying because the notifications are stuck.
  11. This is mostly likely either another community made update, like EOTL, or something less spectacular, like the TF2Maps.net Mercs Vs Aliens Contest. Far less likely, Valve could have even asked Harry101UK to make the SFM for an update that they are planning, probably Halloween, or maybe even Smissmas, since they probably have enough work to do with matchmaking. The update pattern is something like there is something for summer, something for Halloween, something for Christmas,and maybe something something else like eotl. If there's an alien update, it would make sense to make it the next Scream
  12. Avatars have the wrong border color in the comment section of announcements.
  13. The ban warning icon is not being displayed on the "top rafflers" leaderboards. Here is an example showing why it can be confusing: First user: https://scrap.tf/profile/infinity Second user : https://scrap.tf/profile/RichardConwayFreeLanceSpy So basically users might just think that it's their custom color since they don't have the warning icon in front of their name and only the red color and since a lot of them are super donors.
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