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  1. Maybe a "hidden"+randomizer gamemode server? the hidden can be a heavy with a boston basher instead of the regular spy with knife, while the other players also get random weapons and classes, instead of a ton of pyros to ignite the hidden
  2. For some reason, it's still happening to me I tried uploading another 1.8 MB gif and it gets the same error
  3. When I tried to change my avatar to a ~2 MB gif today, I kept getting the 413 error about the entity being too large, while the max file size for the an avatar is 3 MB The file I was trying to upload: Max file size is 3 MB:
  4. Banned for being cute *stares at Jesse*
  5. The line that are used to separate valuable hats and normal craft hats (1.22 ref hats) is staying at the bottom of the page This leads to normal hats and valuable hats are mixed into one section
  6. what are friends?


  7. According to the donate perk page, normal donators can have 4 active raffles at once. But when I tried to make my 4th one today, it says I can only make 3. And I only have 3 raffles active. I know this is just a minor bug, but I wish you could fix it. Thanks.
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