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  1. This can also relate to the many users on scrap.tf who has not achieved a premium account, since they can’t actually schedule raffles to be a specific time, unless they make one at the time they wanted to post it
  2. I agree with this as well. Somehow when I made a raffle long ago, one of the prizes in the raffle was later unclaimed, and due to a ban I had, never had chance to withdraw that item. Therefore, after the ban was removed, I found out that I couldn’t get that item back (which luckily was only a refined metal) and it is kept in one of the bot’s inventories forever. What you do bring up about the raffles themselves is still a good suggestion
  3. So as a Raffler, there have been times where scheduling raffles don’t always work out the best, and those who want to maintain a certain set time to post public raffles may have to wait too long (due to limits of how many raffles can be up at once) like a day before making another one, or else believe that making it too short of 12 hours may make a drastic change on those who are able to join these raffles, knowing this is a global community. Different time zones can effect the outcomes of certain raffles and puzzles. What I’m suggesting is to fill in the gap of the 12 hours and 1 day raffle length to help with this dilemma by implementing an 18 hours length option. This way, it could be easier for those to get right back on track to maintain a specific raffle schedule if they need to... Thanks, CSpicer337 P.S. This is my first topic I created in the forums. If I missed out anything important, please let me know...
  4. I’ll admit, that would be a great idea, since I’m tired of using a phone and typing the emotes manually, and end up using the wrong emote. Definitely can help out with that
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