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  1. 43Dark_Nero

    Give me an answer.

    Answer recieved my friend goodbye.
  2. 43Dark_Nero

    An option to pin a comment on raffles

    I mean chat has pins but that's mainly cause it's chat. I get your point, I'm really on the fence about it since it's not really necessary but could be neat.
  3. 43Dark_Nero

    Ban Stock Unique Weapons from Being Bid in Auctions

    i don't know if stock shows up in the weapon bots anymore but when they did they were sold for a weapon each at the time, I understand how it feels man getting ripped off because of prices being outdated. But yeah thank god it's fixed now.
  4. 43Dark_Nero

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    https://feen.us/c59wcreago64q54n08kb.png :blobneroheart:
  5. 43Dark_Nero

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    https://feen.us/lae60p4xoj6af3wdj85y.png :blobnero: might as well join the train lol edit: wait im gonna make an edit edit2:there we go
  6. 43Dark_Nero

    pending Search duping search options.

    Basically i was looking for stock weapons and for some reason after I searched "fists" two fists appeared. I put more items in and they were either 1 or just more. Examples below. Don't know how it's happening but i did it twice to see if it was just the one time but it was not.
  7. 43Dark_Nero

    Live support is open! But it's not

    thank you anyway I didn't know it was aware of since the known issues possibly hasn't been updated that recently.
  8. 43Dark_Nero

    Live support is open! But it's not

    Basically under the help tab the live support will say it's open but it's not, I do not know what's causing this, but please look into this so confusion doesn't ensue.
  9. 43Dark_Nero

    This is gonna be fun

    I meant it will be a fun type of silly.
  10. 43Dark_Nero

    This is gonna be fun

    I've gotten like 3 shinies from wonder trade :csdsmile: so this might be kinda silly.
  11. 43Dark_Nero

    So Escrow'd people get punished?

    geel should be working on an appeal system as far as the community should know
  12. 43Dark_Nero

    I hope Secret santa will work

    yeah I saw the other post about neet trying to contact geel hopefully geel actually talks with neet :/
  13. 43Dark_Nero

    Secret Santa ban appeal idea

    Basically, some people got f-ed over by the whole trade holding shizz that went on. I'm just trying to ask for the help of you guys to help this secret santa work better this year. It's upsetting to see people get the santa ban for not being able to trade the bot in time, is what I'm trying to get at. Also maybe make the dead line 2 days ahead with the 18th being a warning day for last call? I dunno. I just want people to actually enjoy this year because it's such a long wait.. y'know. Also how people would appeal is on the forum in a separate sub forum.. but now I realize... who's gonna go through all of this... Damn, but still this idea is up for grabs. Turn it down, throw it out. I don't mind.