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  1. They know it's full. You'll just have to wait for someone to take care of the bots, which I can't remember who does bot maintenance..
  2. np. just helpin out.
  3. https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ support is over here
  4. True. Didn't really think about that. oof. Fixed it up and made it sound a lot better and more to the point than joking around.
  5. 1. He's the owner and he already gets beaten on for the little things. Sorry people have fucking emotions and can break down and cry. This is late damage control but it's still pointing out the facts, I'm sorry he couldn't put it up sooner but he was harassed countless times. 2. Yes there are lewd jokes, staff usually won't do these but rando's will most likely. This is discord. We have moderators for people who get out of control. 3. It's a file hosting service, there was porn on Feenus but mostly of characters and not humans (sharing porn with others was a thing we used to d
  6. As a witness to the Footrest incident I can stand by the fact Everyone who was affected by the Feenus breach was of Legal age. Jesse is my age. I'm 24 Years old. I was honestly scared by what was happening when it did, because I care about all the staff members at Scrap.tf cause they are pretty friendly. - This next part may or may not be true: (My memory has faded a bit since it's been years) The person who found out the exploit didn't mean for this to happen, his friends were really childish about the whole thing (trolls) and started spreading the photos as Jesse s
  7. feels like it. suggestions is full of posts that haven't been resolved yet
  8. Answer recieved my friend goodbye.
  9. thank you anyway I didn't know it was aware of since the known issues possibly hasn't been updated that recently.
  10. Basically under the help tab the live support will say it's open but it's not, I do not know what's causing this, but please look into this so confusion doesn't ensue.
  11. geel should be working on an appeal system as far as the community should know
  12. yeah I saw the other post about neet trying to contact geel hopefully geel actually talks with neet :/
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