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  1. Gotta love this site. PS: To everyone else, whalecum aboard the mod team, git ur ban hammars ready... with lube.
  2. Pretty much what Neo said: If you turn it off, trades are a bit quicker. However, if you get scammed in any fashion, Valve will not assist you at all. If you keep it on, Valve will support you in the event you get scammed - and it acts as an extra firewall into your inventory - at the cost of having to take a minute to verify the email. Additionally, you are only required to use email verification when items are removed from your backpack, and not when items get put into it.
  3. 50 miles away. 2,500 miles away. It's decent I guess.
  4. Yep, also waiting on those two bots to become available again. Keep us posted!
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