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  1. "Your appeal has been locked" :C EDIT: I've contacted staff via email. We'll see if anything happens. 😕
  2. I did appeal it. But then I got another profile ban afterwards, and that one is permanent. 😔
  3. I don't think whining about immigration because you were a dumb 17 year old who was dumb is very serious. 😕 I mean, I was given a warning at first, and then I did it again. So that's what contributed to it being permanent. I just think that's too much when 1 year would be fine for things that aren't harassment.
  4. "Your active restrictions Profile-Banned - Permanent Reason: Continued racism within the community." Hmmm. 🤔
  5. profile bans don't forbid community interaction, so they're not awarded for harassment, so, as a minor offence, I don't believe the punishment should be able to be life-long. it makes people as lepers for no purpose whatsoever, as they can still continue to interact with the site just as fully as before. the punishment is being marked as an outcast - a punitive punishment - rather than being prevented from interacting with the community - a protective punishment that keeps the community say. it is simply pointless and should ideally be replaced with warnings for full bans, however their length being shortened would be good enough.
  6. as they don't occur every 24h it can be difficult to keep track of when one is open or not. a notification for when one is open would be helpful, in my opinion.
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