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  1. Well, scrap.tf can be different from cssgo websites but instead with tf2 unusuals and skins. I can really see scrap.tf can try this from other tf2 sites. Marketplace.tf can be a better fit for it, but I can really see more of scrap.tf. Like what dude on the moon said, There is likely to be exploits and thieves, but if we came up with a really strict restriction like: - That item wouldn't be tradeable until the the debt is paid or smth and maybe your account must have atleast 60 days old. - A ban for 3 months or more would be really strict if the guy didnt pay the debt. Maybe if scrap.tf came up with making a private listing for that item on steam community market for a one time fee of $1 for that specific player(if its possible) and then making the item untradeable for a week according to Steam so that players will have a 7 day cooldown from the community market for that item on for now. Or maybe if the bot detects a player sold the item on his/hers backpack before the debt is paid the player will receive 3 month or more ban. I'm coming with with sick ideas let me know if you guys want to discuss it more about it
  2. If you dont know affirm, its a site for doing monthly payments on merchandise, look it up for more details(i cant really explain it). But instead of affirm its with unusuals or expensive war paints. Like in order to do it you need at least: 10 or more keys sorta thing at least level 10 on steam profile. your steam account must be atleast 60 days old And no recent bans whats so ever. I can really see scrap.tf go big if this is a feature.
  3. It will good for newbies and veterans that are new to the site. I can totally see it been it on there. Like taking a tour on what menus are their and what are they for.
  4. that will be a great idea, especially if you forget to pay them, doing annoucements
  5. TF2 is gotta be just ok, most of the people in casual and some of the community servers are just toxic. I mean I love that its free and especially its unique concept, but if the tf2 community wasn't toxic and there was like a in-game currency that you can earn like overwatch, I can see that it will be better than overwatch, csgo, and other popular games over the years. The amount of scammers sites and players in general really tick me off a lot, especially when their is a phishing site they're promoting a lot. I mean I love the artwork and videos on youtube they done, but thats about my perspective of tf2.
  6. I'm pretty sure that you can enable the desktop notification by clicking on the lock on scrap.tf. Anything else besides that, no clue
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