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  1. I think, if the auctioneer abuse with this button or using without reason, should be get a punishment. In create auctions can add an option to enable or disable "If Steam API is down, the auctions time will be stopped"
  2. Good afternoon Scrap.tf Staff, me, user Ian Hunter ( 76561198069530301 ) I leave a suggestion and an apology about happened on this auction https://scrap.tf/auctions/REJ9RU which began on 03/06/2020 at 2:13 pm UTC, all good, but it turns out that around at 6:23 pm, this auction almost ended and unfortunately Steam API went down at the worst moment, and I saw a comment posted by user Saylen ( 76561198292137994 ) which said Steam API was down, I checked and is true, for that reason I decided to reject all bids 1 in 1, to reauction it on 03/07/2020 at 2:13 pm UTC, but unfortunately could not, because there were too many bids, while rejecting bids 1 in 1, the auction ended and I could not reject the missing bids, and the user Saylen was the "winner" of this Auction, but I was rejecting all bids because Steam API was down, was it not for that, I wouldn't have done it, I simply want to reclaim these ítems on Saylen but unfortunately he refused and he knew that I was rejecting every bids due to Steam API down, It's understandable that I pay, because they can temporarily ban you from auctions if not pay, but at least get the conscience and do the right thing to return the items, but he did not, to user Saylen, I sent a blackmail for giving a negative trust for not returning the items back in the trade offer, I apologize, I exaggerated a little, because I was very upset at that time and I simply was want claim that was mine, but well, I will no longer claim you. My 3 suggestion in futures Auctions is: 1) Add Reject all bids button. 2) If Steam API is down, scrap.tf should loads last date inventory as backpack.tf (only in Bid), but if you bid an item knowing that you don’t have, is your problem. 3) If Steam API is down, the auctions time should be stop until Steam API are recovered. Scrap.tf Staff, I hope that at least add one of these suggestions for future Auctions. Thanks so much for reading, with nothing more to add, I wait your response, I say goodbye.
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