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  1. Discord Tag: Phantomazing#1326 Chrome dev tools? Yes Experience? I have taken university classes in Interactive Computing and Design Fundamentals for the Web.
  2. Added some new names below the hyphens. Some of them are cool, other are pretty myeeeh.
  3. Sometimes I get bored and think about things. Like names for new bots. I doubt you guys need bots any time soon, 'cause there's nothing else left to bank, except for memes. So here's a list of names I came up with, for fun. (so you can use them for meme banking). -Scrapstar Runner / Homescrap Runner / Homestar Scrapper -Velociscraptor -The Scrapture -Scrapeture Science -There's a Scrap for That -Scraptain Crunch / Scraptain Falcon / Scraptain (Whatever other Captain X there is) -Booby Scrap -Scrappa Spam -2scrappy4me / 2scrappy4u / Spooky Scrappy Skeleton -Scrapchat -Parappa the Scrappa ----- -Scrapathy/Scrapathetic -Scrapidash -Scrappetizer -Bootscrap -Al Scrapone -Scrapper Cadaver -Scrapeze Artist That's all I can think of right now. Reply with your own ideas because why the hell not.
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