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  1. You just spoke what I was meant to be. As if carrying your entire team and get 10+ killstreaks amidst babies raging in server wasn't enough, the other team was filled up with one bot after another as F2Ps from that team got booted up in sheer hopelessness. 8 dominations (6 babyrage owned followed by another 2 random youtube link spammer), 70/14 K/D ratio (the top scoring bot on the other team had 23/13) only to lose. What a day.
  2. Sometime it takes 40 seconds to load up a raffle. Other times it takes a mind-boggling 12 hours to confirm items. Yes, I tested out on two different devices: My normal, cased PC which loads faster and my other LENOVO laptop, takes much more time. Ignoring internet connection, I doubt this is a device based problem. Can anyone help?
  3. Your account is compromised. Change your account, set up Steam Guard before it is too late.
  4. Your own comment section. Did you click on any of the links people commented on your profile? If did, either you would end up being scammed, or in this scenario when you actually got something, well done. You had condone deceptive trading practices with other potential scammers.
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