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  1. That would be almost impossible, and even if they managed to make one, programmers would leap over it instantly. It's impossible to stop viruses from spreading. Want to stop it? Run a Routine Scan if you notice any drops in PC/Performance. You're welcome. -Heal
  2. Hat: Brotherhood of Arms | Paint: The Bitter Taste of Lime and Defeat Misc: Seal Mask (or Graybanns) Shirt: Fast Learner Man, I would love an unusual BOA
  3. True. It's a shame that the Ref had to inflate so much. Many blame this to F2P's Scrap banking, but technically, every time you buy an item, you're inflating the refined. Craft Hats used to be worth Less/More (Depending on which Time you talk about), but now they're on 1.33, mostly because the refined has stayed on $0.16
  4. Source 2! Finally announced by Valve as being their second game engine! And with it, comes leaks! Take a look at this picture, and you can see tf_imported! NOTE: I can't enchance the image, this is the size it's stuck at. You can read the reddit about it at: http://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/2d06s1/tf2_ported_to_source_2_basically_confirmed/ So could TF2 be ported to a new engine? This would help improve the game, but since the engine hasn't been used before, except for a couple tests, so this could cause huge bugs in an already buggy game. Is it really worth it? It's up to you guys! Feel free to discuss it in the comments below!
  5. Trading has been removed from Team Fortress 2 after being considered "too confusing for new players." Anyway, Team Fortress 2 has had so many good updates, and the fact it's a free game with new items added for free. I can't really complain that they messed up for one simple update. I do wish that they put in the map, and it was such a let down for a "Community Made Update." Valve, Please make a second Bread Update. It's what we deserve.
  6. Seeing as how prices are going, I'd say save it. Don't hold me on this, but from what we've seen, Key prices are going up. They went from 15 to 16, and now 17 ref since the start of the year. In my opinion, it's time for a drop, but then again, we can't stop the inflation after Refs were pumped out all over the place. The more refined there is in the world, the more keys will cost. My Prediction: Another 3 refined increase before it drops down to around 15ref. Anyone remember when a key was 6.33?
  7. A lot of people do it because it's a server they are a fan of, or because it's something they represent. A while ago, I joined a group, and my name became based around theirs. The reason I'm Heal the Seal is because my friends and I formed a group called "The Seals". As previously stated, it may have something to do with "raffles and draws", but I don't really believe that many people do that. That stuff is just cold. Hope I was a help! -Heal
  8. Heal the Seals and Save the Orphans! #NewPCHype

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