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  1. OBJECTION! https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/335-donating-system/#comment-2012 Uncraftable items were acceptable until they got bugged when the new donating system (w/ trade offers) initiated, and then they fixed it. But now, it's broken again. I knew it happened in the past, and thanks to you, I recalled it.
  2. I want to make a small donation with Uncraftable Name Tag(s), but the items don't appear when I want to make a donation. As you can see in the picture, on the left side, these are the items I can donate. On the right, these are some items (including the name tags) in my inventory, as the Incinerator shows (you probably already got my point, sorry ).
  3. Hello, Recently I tried to donate an (Uncraftable) Description Tag and I noticed that it's not appearing on the item selection (The box where you select the items you want to trade). Since you updated the donating system to a trade offer system, I can only add eligible items. And Description Tag is an eligible; but it's not appearing because it's uncraftable. Luckly, a few mintues late I got another tag which is craftable, and I was able to donate it. But yet, I can't donate the uncraftable one. You should also know, that this bug may also apply on those items as well: Squad Surplus Vouch
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