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  1. I will cuddle the cake, regardless of the mess I make.
  2. And so, on that faithful day. Cuddly began his quest for the ultimate badge.
  3. I would love the idea of an event, you can get badges for it right? .3.
  4. Well what was the scavenger hunt? I imagine things dotted around the site you had to find and click.
  5. ​I read that twice because the first time didn't really make sense, the second made it even harder to comprehend.
  6. Wild

    Garry's Mod

    Wait, is there like, a FPS Gmod adaptation yet? If not I'll be surprised...
  7. "Did ya miss me ya wankers!" You gotta love The Brit ♫Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves♫ ♫Britons never never never will be slaves♫
  8. Not a scrap or anything, it was a strange detonator with a part. I've won an uncraftable, scrap and a direct hit XD
  9. Sometimes it does that, just open it up and refresh it every so often. When it is 5 percent full and 1 user in queue it usually means someone is binning stuff. If it is 6%=< full with 1=< in the queue yet no items it means you only just missed out~ Also random thing, look at this lucky bugger http://puu.sh/h3uVM/d88fa3e3fd.png It was 6 prior to refresh
  10. In short, you either wait for someone to drop something in it or you check in on it and hope you get lucky. If you google the definition of "Incinerator" it may help you understand how the feature works. How many did you sell per 0.05 ref?
  11. What is the best thing(s) you have found lying around AND managed to grab in the scrap.tf Incinerator?
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